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traffic counts and demographic analysis of drawing areas are associated with

service location

which of the following is a function of inventory

all of the above

types of inventory

safety stock inventory

all of the following statements about ABC analysis are true except

it states that all items require the same degree of control.

the two most basic inventory questions answered by the typical inventory model are

timing and quantity of orders

which of the following statements about the basic EQQ model is true.

all true

an inventory decision rule states when the inventory level goes down to 14 gearboxes , 100 gearboxes will be ordered. which of the following statements

fourteen is the reorder point and 100 is the order quantity

transfers traditional internal activities to outside vendors

all are true

which of the following supply-chain strategies creates value by allowing suppliers to have economics of scale (i.e. Toyota's single sourcing strategy)

long-term partnering with a few suppliers

an auto manufacturer buys the steel firm that produces auto bodies to manufacturers. this is an example of

backward integration

a restaurant runs a special promotion on lobster and plans to sell twice as many lobsters as usual. when this large order is sent to the distributer, the distributer assumes the large size is trend, not a one-time event with the lobsterman

the bullwhip effect

instead of comparing the saleries of detroit autoworkers to foreign autoworkers to determine if union labor prices are the caus of detroit financial woes, which of the following should be used

labor productivity

which of the following represent an opportunity for generating a new product

all of the above

the analysis tool that helps determine what product to develop and by what strategy . by listing products in descending order of their individual dollar contribution to the firm

product by value analysis

product life cycle are becoming shorter and the rate of technologicaal change is increasing. which of the following can help the business trend describe above?

time based competition

which of the following product development strategies has the least risk?


which of the following is not a service design

increasing customer design

among the three phases of project management goal setting defining the project team organization is


instead of comparing the salaries of detroit autoworkers to foreign autoworkers to determine if union labors prices are the cause of detroit financial woes, which of the following should be used

labor productivity

the reason fast food restaurants often are found in close proximity to each other is

location clustering near high traffic flows

intanginle costs do not include which of the following in location decisions

utility cost

which of the following statements regaurding proximity in the location decision is false

Clustering among fast food chains occurs because they need to be near their labor supply

an approach to location analysis that includes qualitative and quantitative considerations is