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chix marsala
sauteed chicken (3) with mushrooms and marsala sauce served with roasted potatoes with peppers and onions
eggplant parm
fried eggplant with marinara, romano, parm, and mozz cheeses served with spag with marinara
2L 4D
chix parm
parmesean breaded chix with marinara, romano parm and mozz cheeses served with spag marinaara
1L 2D
seafood alfredo
shrimps and scallops fettuchini pasta alfredo green onions
chix and gnocci veronese
chicken, gnocci, ricotta/alfredo sauce, red peppers
shrimp primavera
shrimp, vegetables: bell peppers onions and mushrooms, arabbiata, penne
pork filletino
pork tenderloin, garlic, rosemary, evoo roasted pot with pepp and onions
braised beef tortelloni
sliced short rib meat portobello mushrooms, diced tomatoes, asagio filled torteloni with creamy mushroom sauce
Herb grilled salmon
salmon seasoned with tuscan seasonings, steamed broccoli and red peppers, brocolli butter
steak gorgonzola alfredo
marinated steak medallions, fettechini, alfredo, spinach gorgonzola cheese balsamic glaze
ravioli di portabello
portabello mushroom stuffed ravioli in a sundried tomato sauce
garlic and herb chix con broccoli
rosemary sauteed chicken, broccoli, orchette, garlic sauce
seafood portofino
mussels shrimps scallops mushrooms linguine garlic butter sauce
lasagne classico
pasta strips, meatsauce, ricotta, romano parm and mozz cheese. topped with onions parsley basil oregano romano parm and mozz cheese
mixed grill
2 skewers one lemon marinated chix other steak, potatoes zucchini squash rosemary demi glace
stuffed chix marsala
chicken stuffed with cheese and herbs served with g. mashed creamy marsala sauce
Steak toscano
14 oz strip steak seasoned with pepper salt garlic rosemary roasted pot wit pepp and onions
tour of italy
chix parm lasagne fett alf
venetian apricot chix
2 sauteed chix breast with apricot citrus sauce brocolli and asparagus with tomatoes.