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Tiresias refuses to share the truth

Let me go home. It will be easier for us both to bare our burdens.

Tiresias calls Oedipus blind

Your eyes are shut to your very own

Oedipus questions prophecy

Who taught you this? Not your prophetic skill.

Truth teller Tiresias

You're the bane of your family, both dead and here on earth.

Jocasta rejecting the gods

Listen to me, and learn from me that no one who is mortal has the power of prophecy.

Jocasta on the killing of her infant son

He was not three days old

Bound his ankles tight together

Oedipus discovering the truth

Exposed myself to the horrible truth, without knowing it

Ah, it is all so clear now

Oedipus ' search for identity

I'm resolved to know my origin