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Books 1-4
P.O.V- Telemachus
20th year since Odysseus left....10 years since fall of Troy
Books 5-8
P.O.V- Odysseus
Same time period as 1-4.....He leaves Ogygia to go to the land of the Phaicians
Books 9-12
P.O.V- Odysseus- flashback
Odysseus tells the story of his wanderings
Books 13-24
P.O.V.- Odysseus and Telemachus
They are home and out to get back the kingdom
Medias Res
in the middle of things- requires flashback
much repetition
emphasis- brings audience up to date- helps the poet
a word or phrase used to characterize a person or thing- -Bright Eyed Athena- Rosy fingered dawn
epic simile
an extended comparison using like, as, and than
dramatic irony
when the reader knows something the characters dont
invocation to the muse
the poet asks the muse for inspiration to tell his story
greek name is Ajak- does hubris and is punsished
gave odysseus a bag of winds to settle home
great greek hero- honored with immoratality on olympos
cowherd of ithaca- assists in battle against the suitors
who were the 4 men who fought agaisnts the suitors
Philoetius, Odysseus, eumaeus, telemachus