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Who was the greek epic writer who wrote the outstanding epics of Greece.


What country was Odysseus king of?


Who was Odysseus the father of?


How does the story begin?

On the Island of Phaiakia

What does the term "medias res" mean?

In the middle of things

What did the king of Phaiakia give Odysseus to return home?

A boat and Supplies

Who convinced Odysseus to return home while he was in Hades?

His Mother

The fact that Telemachus didn't recognize that the stranger was his father is what type of irony?

Dramatic Irony

Who helps Odysseus at home?

Telemachus and Athena

Who joins Odysseus in his fight against the suitor?

Telemachus, The Swineherd, and The Cowherd

What are some themes in the Odyssey?

Loyalty to Family and Friends, Overcoming Obstacles, and Humans to Gods

What is Penelope best described as?


What is Odysseus disguised as when he returns to Ithaca?

A Beggar

How long had Telemachus been searching for his father?

For a year

Why is Telemachus skeptical that the stranger is his father?

Because he has been told his father is dead, and thinks the Gods are playing a cruel trick on him

What does Argo's mistreatment and subsequent death symbolize?

How Odysseus' kingdom had been ravaged by the suitors

When does Penelope say she will choose a suitor?

After she finishes weaving a taperstry

What makes the suitors wait for Penelope to make her decision longer?

Each days she weaves, at night she unravels what she weaves the current day

Who betrays Penelope by telling the Suitors what she is doing to prolong the decision?

A Maid

What happens when the Suitors find out what Penelope has been doing?

They force her to make a choice immediately

What does Penelope say the Suitors have to do in order to become the new king of Ithaca?

They have to string Odysseus' bow and shoot the arrow through 12 axes

Who wins Penelopes' Challenge?


Who does Odysseus kill first?

Antinous, The Ring Leader, and the meanest of the Suitors