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What is the purpose of a computer

The purpose of a computer is to take data, process it and then output it.

What is hardware

Hardware is the physical components which make up a computer system.

What is software

Software is the programs or applications that a computer system runs

What is an embedded system

Embedded systems are computer systems built into other devices.

What are the advantages of a embedded system

Easier to design

Cheaper to produce

More efficient

What does the CPU do

It processes all of the data and instructions that make the system wprk

What factors effect the processing power of a CPU

Clock speed


Cache size

What does the control unit do

The control unit is in overall control of the CPU.

Executes instructions through fetch-execute cycle

Controls time and date

Controls flow of data inside CPU

What is the ALU

The ALU does all calculations

It performs both logic and arithmetic operations.

It contains the accumulator.

What is the Cache

Cache is very fast memory in the CPU

It stores regularly used data so that the CPU can access it quickly.

Cache is low capacity and expensive compare to RAM.

What are registers

Registers temporarily hold tiny bits of data needed by the CPU.

They are super-quickl to read/write to.

What is the Von Neumann architecture

Describes a system where the CPU runs programs stored in memory. Programs consist of instructions and data which are stored in memory addresses.

Describe fetch in the fetch execute cycle

Copy memory address from program counter to MAR

Copy instructions stored in MAR address to MDR

Increment program counter by one

Decode in fetch-execute cycle

The instruction in the MDR is decided by the CU. The CU then prepares for the next step.

Execute in fetch-execute cycle

The instruction is performed. This could be loading data or writing etc.

What is RAM

RAM is used as the main memory in a computer. It can be read and written to. RAM is volatile.

What is stored on RAM

All data, files and programs are stored while they're being used. The OS is moved onto the RAM when booted up.

Features of RAM


Faster than secondary storage

Slower than cache