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How many elements of unsaturation implied by molecular formula C5H8O?
How many elements of unsaturation implied by molecular formula C8H11N?
3.5 --> 4
what two atomic orbitals or hybrid atomic orbitals overlap to form the C--C (double) sigma bond in ethylene?
C sp2 + C sp2
why is rotation about the carbon-carbon double bond in alkenes prohibited while relatively free rotation can occur about the carbon-carbon single bond in alkanes?
because in a double bond rotation would require breaking one of the bonds, costing a great deal of energy
Choose the most stable alkene among the following:
all equal
(E)-hex-2-ene is most stable
Trans isomers of cycloalkenes with rings containing fewer than _____ atoms are unstable at room temperatures
the compound produced when 3-methylpent-2-ene undergoes hydrogenation in the presence of a platinum catalyst is
provide the reagents necessary for carrying out the transformation of cyclopentANE to cyclopentENE
Br2, hV; NaOH, acetone
which of the following statements best describes the relative bond dissociation energies of the sigma and pi bonds present in the carbon-carbon double bond of an alkene?
sigma > pi
which of the following best approximates the CCC bond angle of propene
120 degrees
which of the following alcohols is (are) likely to yield a product where skeletal arrangement has occurred when treated with sulfuric acid
both 3,3-dimethyl-2-butanol and 2,2-dimethylcyclohexanol
dehydrohalogenation of an alkyl halide by treating it with a strong base to yield an alkene product typically occurs by what reaction mechanism?
which of the following statements applies to the E2 mechanism?
the C-H and C-X bonds that break must be anti
which of the following can show geometric isomerism?
provide the name of the major alkene product that results when (2S, 3R)-2-bromo-3-methylpentane is treated with sodium methoxide