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Earth is called?
earth is called the masterpiece or blue planet b/c 2/3 to 3/4 is covered with water.
How do oceans impact earth?
- supply food
-stabilizes temp & climate
-90% of living thing are in the oceans
-most oxygen is made by oceans plants
ground water
-water that has seeped into earth's crust.
Is new water created?
NO! water is recycled through the water cycle-no new water is created.
What percentage of the earths fresh water is

what percentage of earth water is use able by humans
2.64% is freshwater

0.64% is used by humans
what could influence people to conserve water
If we pollute our water then are drinking water would not be safe.
ocean graphy
study of the ocean & organism within it.
bar a graph
used by comparing one set of data to another.
line graph
show relationship between one piece of data to another.
pie chart
Used to show parts of a whole or percentage
hatchlings are what
are baby sea turtles
what are some of the threats to hatchlings
-raccoon ,ants ,crabs ,foxes ,dogs ,gulls ,&humans eat/damage eggs & eggs & hatchilings on land.

-once in the water fish & sharks eat hatchilings
how do humans affect sea turtles?
- some humans hunt sea turtles for jewelry,leather, oil & food(out lawed most places).
- driving on beach,construction near beaches,entanglement in fishing gear,plastic liter.

- lay eggs in the sand ,after hatchilings they go toward the sea.
map terms key
explains the meaning of symbols used on the map.
matches a distance on the map with a real distance.
compass rose
shows the orientations of the cardanail directions (N,S ,W & E)
Imaginary lines on maps that run east to west & measure distance North or South on the equator.
Run north/south & measure distance east & west of the prime meridian.

lines of latitude & longitude are measured in degrees

North america is in the northern and western hemisphere