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Define ?
The static relationship between the incising or masticating surfaces of the maxillary or mandibular teeth or tooth analogs
Define MIP?
The complete intercuspation of the opposing teeth INDEPENDENT OF CONDYLAR POSITION
Define CR?
The Maxillo-Mandibular Relationship in which the condyles articulate w/ the thinnest avascular portion of there retrospective disks within the complex in the SUPERIOR position agaist the shapes of the articular eminences
VDO means?
Vertical Dimension of Occlusion
What are the working (functional) cusps?

HINT: Mandible is tucked in
Buccal of Mandibular Teeth

Lingual of Maxillary Teeth
What are the non-working cusps
Lingual of Mandibular

Buccal of Maxillary
Natural vs. Denture

1)No proprioception from the PDL

2)Anterior-guidance preferred

3)Bilateral Balaced Occlusion

4)VDO// Curve of Spee



Natural vs. Denture

1)Compensating Curve


3)CR does not = MIP


#1 Important Tool to studying a patient's occlusion
A Semi- Adjustable Articulator
What is Mandibular Movt?
Rotarion about a horizontal axis


Combo of 3 Movts on 3 Planes (frontal, sagittal, and horizontal)
Name 2 Advantages of Articulation
Improves Visualization of both static and functional teeth contacts

Ease of mandibular movt and resultant tooth contacts
What was the 1st articulator
-Arms were 90 degree
What was important about Stephen's Articulator?
Fixed Condylar Inclination
-determines what angle the condlyes will protrude forward and that was fixed

Also had arbitrary Lateral Movt

What is the Bennett Angle?
How the jaws move laterally
Denar Fully adjustable articulator allowed for what adjustments
Bennet Angle
Intercondylar Distance
Condylar Inclination
-Also has
Mechanical Incial Pin
Patograhic Tracing
What does the Denar Tract II articulator (semi-adjustable) have?
Face Bow
Lateral or Protrusive Check-bites
Fixed Intercondylar Distance
Arcon comes from what 2 words
Articulator and Condyle
Name 1 NON- adjustable articulator
Stephens Articulator
Name 2 Semi- Adjustable articulators
Dentar Track II (ARCON)
Hanau H series(NON ARCON)
Name 1 fully adjustable articulator
Stuart Articulator
Arcon articulators have guidance of condylar movement in the ____.
Maxillary Member
Non- Arcon Articulators are guidance of condylar movement in the ___.
Mandibular Member
When are semiadjustable articulars accurate for excursions
Only when a facebow transfer is used
What does a facebow relate?
It relates hinge axis to maxilla