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Cervicalinsufficiency is primarily a _______ diagnosis characterized byrecurrent painless dilatation and spontaneous midtrimester loss.


Cervicalinsufficiency is ________ a distinct and well-defined clinical entity,but only one component of the larger and more complex spontaneouspreterm birth syndrome.


Currentevidence suggests that cervical competence functions along acontinuum, influenced by both endogenous and exogenous factors, suchas ______________ and _________________

uterine contractions, decidual/membrane activation.

Thetraditional nomenclature of cerclage type as prophylactic,therapeutic, and emergent should be replaced by ________-indicated, _______-indicated, and _________________–indicated cerclage.

history, ultrasound, physical examination

Thereis no objective ____________________________ test for cervicalinsufficiency.

preconceptional diagnostic

_________________________ for patients with a clinical history of cervicalinsufficiency remains a reasonable approach.

History-indicated cerclage

Cervicalultrasound for cervical insufficiency performs ______________________ in low-risk women, but it has been proven to be a clinicallyuseful screening and diagnostic tool in selected high-riskpopulations such as those with a prior sPTB who may have a treatablecomponentofcervical insufficiency.

poorly as a screening test

Inthe vast majority of women with prior sPTBs, and even those withnonclassic clinical histories of cervical insufficiency, serialsonographic evaluations of the cervix may be _____________________ to history-indicated cerclage.

an acceptable alternative approach

Physicalexamination–indicated cerclage may be beneficial in reducing PTB ina subgroup of patients without markers of ____________.


Abdominalcerclage may be considered for those rare patients with a history of ___________________.

failed vaginal cerclage

Ultrasoundindicated cerclage in twin gestation should not be performed becauseof the increase risk for _______________ with this intervention.

preterm delivery

Thereis a need for randomized studies to evaluate alternative treatmentsfor cervical insufficiency such as _______________ therapy, and vaginalpessary.