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Thegoal of intrapartum FHR monitoring is to assess the ___________________ during labor so that timely and appropriate steps can betaken when necessary to avoid fetal hypoxic injury.

adequacy of fetal oxygenation

Oxygen is transported by maternal and fetal blood alongthe oxygen pathway, which includes the maternal lungs, heart,vasculature, uterus, placenta, and ________________.

umbilical cord

Theconsequences of interruption of fetal oxygenation can leadsequentially to:

1. fetal hypoxemia,

2. fetal hypoxia,

3. metabolic acidosis,

4. metabolic acidemia, and eventually

5. injury or

6. death.

Theobservation of an FHR deceleration that reaches its nadir in lessthan 30 seconds (variable deceleration) suggests:

compression of the umbilical cord

Alate deceleration, by definition, reaches its nadir in:

30 seconds or more

Historically,late decelerations have been attributed to ____________, which suggests interruption of the oxygen pathway atthe level of the uterus or placenta

uteroplacental insufficiency

Aprolonged deceleration can result from interruption of the oxygenpathway at:___________.

any point.

ModerateFHR variability or accelerations reliably exclude _________________ at the time they are observed.

fetal hypoxic injury