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Obesity Definition

a chronic lifelong condition that is the result of an environment of caloric abundance and relative physical inactivity modulated by a specific genotype.

BMI normal


BMI Overweight


BMI Obese

30 and up

Based on 2006 data,what are the annual obesity-related medical treatment costs andwhat percent of our annual medical spending does this represent?

$147-210 billion; $61.8 million

How much couldthe US save in health care costs in 5 years if obesity rates were reduced by5%?

$29.8 billion

How much couldthe US save in health care costs in 10 years if obesity rates were reduced by 5%?

$158 billion

How much couldthe US save in health care costs in 20 years if obesity rates were reduced by5%?

$611 billion

What were the 3 mainfindings of the weight loss treatment study from 1958

1) Of those who entered treatment, most will drop out

2) Of those who stay in treatment, most won't lose weight

3) Of those who lose weight, most will regain it

Fifty years later is the picture any different?


1. DrMichael Gershen said that, people who are obese as a child have a much strongerhormonal drive and "it becomes almost __________ to overcome it justwith _________.

superhuman; just willpower

What did AmericaBraccia say was the number one thing to do the change the obesity epidemic?


List 1 of the"dirty words" America Braccia mentioned we will need to embrace tofight the obesity epidemic

PE classes

according to “F as in Fat”data, compared to other states, where does OK rank with regard to adultphysical inactivity?


According to the UnitedHealth Foundation, what percent of Oklahoma adults were obese in 2011?


approximately how manymillions of US children are overweight or obese?

25 million

According to the Youth RiskBehavioral Survey, what percent of OK high school youth are overweight?


According to the Youth RiskBehavioral Survey, what percent of OK high school youth are obese?


Which section of the brainis most responsible for energy homeostasis?


what is Homeostasis?

The property of a living organism that allows it to regulateits internal environment so as to maintain a stable, sustainable condition inthe face of unstable external conditions

what is the definition ofBMR?

The metabolic cost of living when: § you are awake but relaxed § in a room at a comfortable temp. § in a post-absorptive state (12-14 hours after a meal)

what is the thermic effectof food?

the process ofheat production in organisms through the ingestion, digestion and storage offood

What are survival foods?

foods thatprolong fuel availability in the body.

what is the most commonpsychological disorder seen in the obese (BMI >30) and severely obese (BMI>40)?

Binge Eating Disorder

what is metabolic syndrome(MetS)?

a clustering ofmetabolic risk factors underlying both CVD and type 2 diabetes.

With regard to healthy eating, what are the 4 main goals recommended bythe IOM?

Promote the consumption of avariety of nutritious foods, and encourage and support breastfeeding duringinfancy.· Create a healthful eatingenvironment that is responsive to children’s hunger and fullness cues.· Ensure access to affordablehealthy foods for all children.· Help adults increase children’shealthy eating.

What were the most effective interventions reported by the USPSTF?(Know number of sessions and types of behavioral management activities used.)

The most effectiveinterventions were comprehensive and were of high intensity (12-26 sessions ina year).

how many caloriesdo Children ages 2 to 18 years consume through beverages?


What is the role of ghrelin in energy intake and feeding?

Tells your body when you are hungry

What is Leptin? What roledoes in play in energy regulation?

A hormone produced by fat cells that communicates satiety levels and energy availability to the ventromedial hypothalamus while modulating energy expenditure

What role does Leptin play in energy regulation?

mediates long-term appetite

what is resistin?

a polypeptide hormone that induces insulin resistance and increases systemic inflammatory markers

Self-efficacy definition?

an individual’s confidence they can engage in and sustain a health behavior even in the face of dynamic and challenging environmental factors

Cognitive Restructuring

A method of identifying irrational or stress-promoting perceptions and replacing them with more realistic and functional ones

Cognitive Management

Cognitive, verbal and/or tangible consequences are used to promote positive behavior and repel negative behavior

Cognitive Rehearsal

to consciously rehearse one’s thoughts, and visualize making healthy behavioral choices, surrounding a potentially difficult situation prior to experiencing it, so they will be armed with those healthy, adaptive responses when that experience actually occurs.

Cognitive Defusion

creating distance between one’s thoughts and their subsequent actions

• individuals observe rather than change mind content and then separate metaphorically their thoughts from their actions

What are the summary guidelines from the NHLBI regarding theappropriate caloric deficit for women and men to achieve weight loss?

usually 1,200 to 1,500 kcal/day for women and 1,500 to 1,800 kcal/day for men (kcal levels are usually adjusted for the individual’s body weight and physical activity levels)

what are the 3 guidelinesfor medical nutrition therapy given on each of these presentation title slidesregarding Nutrition Education 101?

1. Choose Nutrient Dense Foods

2. Keep portion sizes under control BEFORE eliminating any specific food or food group.

3. Eat, Don’t drink, Your Calories