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What is a Forage?
What is a roughage?
Whole plant
What is Fiber?
Mainly cellulose and is resistant to digestion by mammalian digestive system enzymes. Measured in Crude Fiber
Types of Grasses
6 to 20% crude protein and may or may not be adequate in Ca and P
Types of Legumes
Can nitrogen fix
Alfalfa and clover
less that 18% crude fiber, high in energy
can be proteinaceous (oil seeds)
or Carbonaceous (grain)
Proteinaceous concentrates
Soy beans
Canola and Rape
Carbonaceous concentrates
Grain by-products
Sugar Beet Pulp
Other Protein Sources
Meat and Bone Meal
Poultry Litter
Plate Waste
What Type of Grass is this?
Bermuda Grass
Causes impaction in horses, very fiberous
What type of Grass is this?
Brome Grass, hardy in winter and can be sown in with alfalfa
What type of grass is this?
Ryegrass, common pasture grass has annual and perennial varieties
What type of grass is this?
Fescue grass, drought resistant can be contaminated with a fungus that causes gangrene
What type of grass is this?
Timothy Grass, cool adapted, important hay grass
What type of Legume is this?
roughage legume that is high in DE CP (15-25%) and Ca
Problems with blister beetle in bloom thats causes GI upset
What type of Legume is this?
Clover, drought resistant, difficult to make hay problems with mold which is anti vitamin k - causes bleeding problems
What types of Grain is this?
Wheat, for human use high in DE, low in fiber and high CP
What type of grain is this?
Barley, do not feed green, more drought resistant that wheat
What type of grain is this?
Oats, more fiber less DE fed to horses
What grain it this?
Corn number one us grain high in DE and low in fiber
Found in Iowa Illinois and Indiana
Sorghm resembles it (f/m Texas)
What type of grain is that?
Sorghum can resemble corn, found in Texas
Components of Grasses
DE = 1.5 to 3 Mcal/kg (vary)
CP = 6 - 20%
Ca and P may or may not be adequate
Components of Legumes
DE = 2.25 to 3 Mcal/kg
CP = 15 - 25%
High in Ca
Components of Concentrates
CF < 18%
High in DE
Proteinaceous >10% CP
Carbonaceous < 10% CP
What seed is this/
proteinaceous concentrate
>10 CP
<18 CF
Identify this
Cotton, grown for lint cotton meal made after the lint has been removed
safe in adult runinants
contains glossypale which is toxic to young and old and causes heart, lung and reproductive problems
Identify this
safe derivative, high in protein
Identify this
Bran, the outer covering of grain seed, removed when white flower is made, more fiber and less energy dense
Identify this
Sugar Beet Pulp, residue left after sugar is extracted from beets, palatable and highly digestible
Identify this
Molasses used to decrease the dust in dry feeds and to mix with NPN sources in ruminants
Identify this Seed
Identify this