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Characteristics of Anorexia Nervosa?
-distorted body image
-decrease heart rate
-denial of appetite
What age does Anorexia Nervosa Start?
-Mostly women
Characteristics of Bulimia Nervosa?
-at or slightly above normal weight
-binge eating
-binge and possible purging
Things that can cause Anorexia?
-family rigid, overprotective
-fear of obesity
-perfectionist home, high expectations
Type of personality for Anorexia?
-competitive, obsessive
Definition of Anorexia?
-Denial of appetite
-Self Starvation
Definition of Female Athlete Triad
-3 things
-Disordered eating pattern
-Lack of menstrual period
-osteoporosis early age
What socioeconomic group does anorexia affect?
-middle/upper class
Early Warning signs of anorexia
-dieting-life focus
-social isolation
-abnormal self preception
-sleep disturbance/depression
-gum chewers/diet cola
calories a day anorexia people consume?
300-600 calories
what would be the best way to get anorexic people into treatment?
-group intervention
-self help groups
long-term success for treatment for anorexia?
-team of health professionals
1st goal for nutrition for anorexic people?
-slow weight gain
-2-3 lbs of normal body weight
characteristics of binge eating disorder?
-isolate themselves
-consume large quantities
-consume junk food
in time of crisis what anorexic people do w/ food?
-stay away from food
in time of crisis what bulimic people do w/ food?
-go find and get food
type of food chosen for bulimic binge?
-junk food
-bread, noodles, rice
why does food not make bulimic people lose weight?
(purging behavior)
because they still take in the calories of what they have eaten
what causes eating disorder
which demographic would have least problem with eating disorder
common symtoms for food born illness
(3 big ones)
how sugar preserves food
-lowers water activity
how salt preserves food
-removes water
what type of food preservation is aseptic food processing good for
-fruit juices in boxes
FBI is carried by sneezing and coughing
staphyloccus averus
2 foods associated with salmonella
poultry and eggs
best way to prevent E. Coli
cook meat thoroughly
covering cuts/sores on hands and no coughing etc.
E. coli 01517:H7 is associated with what food product
E. coli most strains
100s of strains most harmless
danger zone
which agency enforces meat wellness
which agency regulates pesticides
singer who died from eating disorder
Karen Carpenter
eating disorder from movie
bulimia nervosa
food borne illness is greater in which place
food we should avoiding feeding them to prevent Botulism