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The teacher provides information that prompts the learner to do what?
to engage in activities that lead to a desired change or health behavior
With effective learning, the learner responds and does what with the information?
they value the information and the teacher
How does a teacher identify a learner's needs?
by asking questions and determining a learner's needs
What is the role of the nurse in patient teaching & learning?
1. Anwer questions
2. Provide information based on pt.'s health needs and Rx plan
3. Clarify information
Teaching is most effective when?
when it responds to a learner's needs
What are the three domains of learning?
Cognitive, Effective, Psychomotor
What will cause a patient to be more ready to learn?
When they accept the reality of their disease
The cognitive domain of learning involves what?
Understanding learning; comprehension learning to analyze the parts v. whole; evaluation of information
What is meant by the patient must have motivation to learn?
They must have an internal impulse to learn; they must have an intentional set, must be able to comprehend the information
What domain of learning involves learning with motor skills?
What happens when a patient identifies the need for knowing or acquiring an ability to do something?
Teaching and learning begin
What are examples of group learning?
(+) Lamaze classes, OP DM classes, Parenting classes, CPR classes
(-) teaching transfer to a patient who recently became a quadriplegic
In helping a patient to learn, what can be used as a good motivational tool?
Explaining the health benefits to the patient so that they can understand them and cause them to be active in helping themselves
Define teaching.
A conscious and deliberate set of actions that help individuals gain new knowledge or perform new skills
What is an interactive process that promotes learning?
How can the nurse meet the patient's ability to learn in their teaching?
by bringing information to the patient's education level, and knowing where the patient is pain, b/b, medical status wise when teaching is given
Define learning.
the acquisition of new knowledge or skills through reinforced practice and experience.
What is essential for effective teaching?
Interpersonal communication
What must be present before learning can take place?
psychomotor skills