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What are the metric and household measurement of medications?
Metric - mg, g, mL
Household - T, t, drops, cups
What is the expected physiological response to medication?
Therapeutic effect
What is the sequence of medication pharmacokinetics?
Site of administration -> Absorption -> Circulation -> Distribution -> Metabolism -> Excretion
Which three medication routes involve giving medication in the mouth?
po, sl/subl, buccal
[Oral, sublingual, buccal]
Where are medications excreted?
kidneys, liver, bowels, lungs, execrine glands
What is the study of how medications enter the body, reach the site of action, are metabolized, and exit the body?
Where are medications metabolized?
liver, lungs, kidneys, intestines
What is meant by medication interaction?
when one drug modifies the action of another; also, one drug may potentiate the action of another
What is the definition of a solution?
a given mass of solid substance in a known body of fluid or a fluid dissolved in a fluid
What is the medication route of administration that involves a needle?
Why is body surface important to medication absorption?
The SI and skin have more surface area than the stomach, this potentially can provide greater opportunity for absorption of the medication
What is the use of drugs that are used to prevent, dx, and cure disease processes or to relieve s/s?
Drug therapy
When medication is given in the eyes, this is called:
What is the study of drugs that alter the fxn of living organisms?
What is meant by an allergic reaction from medication?
an unpredictable, mild or severe reaction; possibly could lead to anaphylactic shock or reaction.
When bacitracin is placed on a cut on the skin, this called what type of medication?
Topical medication - on the skin
What is the time it takes for excretion to lower the serum medication concentration of a drug in the blood stream by half ?
Serum Half Life
Which of the following is the predicted, unintended secondary effect of medication?
Side, Adverse, Toxic or Idiosyncratic effect
Side effect
Which of the following is a severe and unpredicated response to medication?
Side, Adverse or Toxic effect
Adverse effect
If medication is enteric coated, it is made to dissolve in the _________ .
Small Intestine
What is meant by a drug is therapeutically useful?
It enters the body, is absorbed and distributed to cells, tissue, or specific organ, and alters their physiological fxn
What is the toxic effect of taking a medication?
the effect that may develop after taking the medication for a prolonged time due to an accumulation of the medication in the bloodstream
Which medication routes involve the nose?
Inhalation, Intranasalar
Where is medication absorbed the fastest?
sublingually - under the tongue
What is the absorption of medication?
the passage of molecules in the blood from the site of administration