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Straight catheter
single lumen with a small eye at the end
-used to get a spot uring specimen or temporary emptying of the bladder
Retention catheter
double lumen tube with a balloon for retention sized by the balloon size- 10ml and 30ml common
Three way foley
used for continuous irrigation
length of catheter period depends on
plastic catheter-period
short periods
1 week or less
Rubber or silasic catheter-period
2-3 weeks
Silicone catheter-period
long term 2-3 months
PVC catheter-period
4-6 weeks (these soften at body temp)
replace the bag and collecting tube if
-contamination occurs
-urine flow becomes obstructed
-tubing junctions start to leak at the connections
empty collection bag at least
every 8 hours
at first sign of infection
obtain urine specimen
how to obtain urine specimen on a catheter with a rubber self sealing port
use a sterile needle and syringe to obtain a specimen through the drainage port
how to obtain urine specimen on a foley
put a clamp on the catheter and allow it to fill with urine, wipe a spot and take the sample on the catheter below where the tube leading to the balloon is
Pt's with indwelling catheters should drink
3000ml or more/day if permitted bc ensures a high urine output--reduces risk of infection
special cleaning for indwelling catheter?
no more than routine
what to document about urine?
Irrigations are done to?
usually done to wash out the bladder, apply a medication to the bladder, or maintain patency when removing pus or blood
what method of irrigation is preferred?
closed method--to lower risk of infection
strict precautions must be maintained to insure..
sterility of the drainage system