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What is usually unacceptable in most cultures?
Dying alone
In which stage does Kubler-Ross say we should put ourselves in the shoes of the individual by attempting to think of how we would react to having our life cut short?
When death is imminent, what does the nurse need to know?
Who to call and when about the death
What are the stages of dying, in order, acc. to Kubler-Ross?
Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance
What are "matters of the heart" that the body can work on if it is comfortable in the time of death?
Completing unfinished business
Finding meaning in life
Reflecting on past and present relationships
In which stage does the person attempt to strike a deal with God for more time to live?
When providing post-mortem care, beside what was already asked on the flashcards, what would you do to the body to prepare it for viewing by the family?
Remove any object providing external pressure on the body
Cleanse the body
Close the eyes
Place incontinent pad under the buttocks and between LEs in a diaper fashion
Cloth the body in a clean gown with clean sheets
Acc. to SDM, p. 1030, what is the largest obstacle to patient's getting Hospice ?
Communication between the physician <-> client, client <-> family, and family <-> client
What is not uncommon to see the dying person do as they pass on?
Calling or reaching out to a deceased family member or religious figure
Even with acceptance of death for a patient, what is still present and needs to be supported realistically?
True or False: Hospice's philosophy is to alleviate stress for the family and treat pain agressively.
False ! - Their philosphy is to keep the patient as pain free as possible and as alert as possible
How do you communicate to the dying person and family in the same room when death is imminent?
Use calm, soothing tones and short phrases
True or False: In many cultures, it is preferrable to have the loved one die at home.
What helps people deal with death and dying?
Cultural and religious traditions
What is a purple of blotchy red-blue coloring of the feet or underside of the body when time of death is near?
What are four aspects of caring to know?
1. It is supportive and caring acts for another
2. It serves to improve human conditions
3. It is essential to human development, growth, and survival
4. It involves caring behaviors
What can affect a person's view on death?
their own values and beliefs on dying, life review, family and friend reactions, past coping skills, and the healthcare team's actions and views
When providing post-mortem care, why would you place the patient's dentures or bridges into their mouth?
To maintain the original shape of their mouth
True or False: All people do not want to die with dignity.
In which stage does the person does the person accept their own coming death?
Related to physical changes in circulation, what happens to BP and Pulse?
BP gradually goes down and pulse gets faster, but weaker
What is caring?
The essence of caring
The dominant, distinctive, unifying feature of nursing
What are the two parts of the fourth stage?
Depression - preparatory depression-"tool for dealing with the impending loss" (SDM 1030) and reactive depression-"the person is reacting against the impeding loss of life and grieves for (themself)" (SDM 1030)
When providing post-mortem care, what do you do with the body after the family has visited?
Label the body by attaching tags to the big toe, write and morgue bag
Tie the UEs and LEs loosely together with gauze, keepin the body in proper alignment
Place body in morgue bag
Transfer body to morgue
What are several barriers to Hopsice care for a patient acc. to SDM 1030?
Physicians may be reluctant to state that a patient truly has >/= six months of life left; they also may be unwilling to discuss the fact that they are dying; insurance companies may require that the patients waives medical benefits when they go on Hospice.
What may occur and is common near to time of death?
A fever
What are Cheyne-Stokes breaths?
5-30 sec. periods of apnea
When providing post-mortem care, why do you raise the HOB [head of bed] up ?
To prevent pooling of fluids in the face or head
In which stage does the person not want to believe that death is pending?
What issues may the dying person discuss as death nears?
Life review, Closure, Acceptance
Your family member has just received news of a terminal illness. In order for your family to receive Hospice services, what must the doctor do?
They must document that your family member has </= 6 months of life left.
What can help nurses provide individualized care at the time of death for a patient and their family?
Knowledge of the patient's religious and cultural background