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you should hold an infant in what position to assess anterior fontanelle.

a. supine
b. prone
c. upright
d. cradled securly in the nurses arms
The most likley symptom of folic acid deficency is
Gastrointestinal disturbances
Which vitamin is lost in cooking.
Vitamin C
What is the first sign of too much potassium
Chronically low oxygen levels delivered to the kidneys will cause an increase in.
Prolonged NG suction will cause
hyponatremia and hypokalemia
When preparing to administer a gastroostomy feeding you should first.
check for residual
An oil retention enema facilitates defecation by.
lubricating the intestine
It is most important when digitally removing an fecal impaction is that vagal stimulation may cause

a. tachycardia
b. bradycardia
Increasing fluids in a patient with hypercalcemia will help decrease calcium levels by
Excerting a dilutional effect
Which foods would supply the most vitamin C.

a. oranges and apricots
b. oranges and yellow vegtables.
c. grapfruit and green leafy
d. oranges and broccoli vegatables
Oranges and broccoli vegtables
The most common side effect of iron is
indigestion and constipation
Which fruit has the most potassium.

a. oranges
c. avacado
d. apricot