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Wipe up spills___________ and call housekeeping if necessary.
Practice that eliminates infectious pathogens from a work area is called________
aseptic technique
How far do you elevate a bleeding wound?
above the level of the heart
Never cough,_____, or talk over a sterile field.
What two things are done to open a victim's airway?
head tilt chin lift
what are the three emergency steps in CPR?
check call care
What is normal respiration?
14-16 BPM
What two things are done to check for consciousness?
ask someone at the scene, check victim from head to toe
When performing CPR on an adult how do you locate the correct compression position?
notch @ lower end of breastbone, put heel of hand above notch
Where do you check a pulse on an adult?
carotid- side of neck
What joints do you need to immobolize in a splinting situation?
above and below the fracture
Which joints do you need to immobolize in a splinting situation?
above and below the fracture
What is wrong with this statement? The nurse asks you to put 548 on the bedpan.
The patient has the right to be treated as a person, not a room number.
You are in an elevator, and two people behind you are discussing Mrs. Bounds, a difficult patient on their unit. What's wrong with this conversation?
Information about patients is never discussed in public areas.
What are the four steps to control bleeding?
cover wound, squeeze artery against bone,raise above the heart, apply roller bandage
What is the most common mode of transmission for a nosocomial infection?
direct contact
What is a pulmonary embolus?
blood clot
Besides handwashing, name another method to prevent the spread of infection.
Identify the patients at risk and properly dispose of waste and trash.
What do you do if the victim vomits?
turn the head
What is gastric pain?
the most common cause of noncardiac chest pain
Can you touch the inside of the sterile package with your hands?
Is an autoclaved package sterile if it is wet?
What is an MI?
Myocardial Infarction ( heart attack)
When carrying objects hold them _____to your body.
_______instead of lifting whenever possible.
Never______ used needles
Stand with your feet ____when lifting to maintain a broad base of support.
What are Universal Precautions?
Safety measures used by all employees to prevent disease transmission through blood or body fluid exposures.
What does sterile mean?
free from all microorganisms
what is the normal B/P
120/80 is textbook normal
True or False
The AIDS virus can live outside the body for a long period of time.
You are about to catheterize a patient. The curtains are open and the door to the hall is slightly open. What do you do?
close the curtains and shut the door.
What are the most common measures used when practicing Universal Precautions?

Handwashing,gloves,gown, mask,and goggles when appropriate.
A sterile barrier that is wet or _____ is considered unsterile.
30 cc
one ounce
Nosocomial infections are acquired from where?
the hospital
Label ________ equipment and notify appropriate department.
Return bed to ________position after patient care.

Place the ____ _____ within the patient's reach when finished with patient care.
call light
True or False__ Restraints may be used for punishment
The correct way to use an extinguisher is with a ______ motion.
What is bradycardia?
slow heart rate below 60
Raise ____ ____ on beds when necessary.
side rails
What is an arrhythmia?
irregular heart rate
You need to ____ the door before entering a room where there may be a fire.
Any disease producing microorganism is called what?
What kind of extinguisher is used on a trash can fire?
What is an arrhythmia?
irregular heart rate
What kind of extinguisher is located in the kitchen?