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STOCKY (page 1)
The man was not fat, but he was a little chubby. He was _______________.
LANKY (page 1)
The woman was very skinny. She was ___________________.
WAILED (page 2)
The dog made a horrible sound because was wanted to go in. He _________________ to come into the house.
SKIRTED (page 2)
The boys kept the ball away from the girl. They ___________ the ball from the girl.
SNEERING (page 3)
The student was smiling with a look of anger after playing a trick on his teacher. He was ________________ after she found out he pranked her.
STUBBORN (page 4)
Mr. Smith takes a long time when asked to take out the trash. He knows he is supposed do it. He is very _________________.
HOODLUMS (page 5)
The young bullies took over the streets of Philadelphia. The ________________ caused a lot of problems.
TRUDGED (page 6)
It takes a lot of effort to walk through the snow. The students ___________ through the snow on their way to school.
REASSURED (page 7)
When I was worried about my math test, I needed a boost of confidence. My teacher _____________ me that I would do fine.
EDGY (page 7)
I wouldn't talk to James today because he is easily irritated. He is very ___________ because he failed a test.
IMPASSIVE (page 10)
Susie was not showing any emotions about the news on TV. She was __________________ about the big story.
INTRICATE (page 14)
The painting is has many complex parts. It has _____________ details.