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The location and elevation of the surface features of an area.
A large area of land with similar features.
geographic region
The long chain of sandy islands off the coast of North Carolina.
Outer Banks
A firsthand account or an artifact made in the period under study.
primary sorce
The broad, flat, region that in North Carolina extends 100 to 150 miles inland from the ocean.
Coastal Plain
The low-lying eastern part of North Carolina's Coastal Plain.
The hilly region between the Coastal Plain and the Appalachian Mountains.
The imaginary line formed by connecting all the points where rivers drop suddenly from highlands to lowlands, forming rapids or waterfalls.
fall line
The main kind of weather that a region experiences over an extended period of time.
A strip of warm-weather states the runs across the southern United States.
Sun Belt
All the living and non-living things that make up the enviornment.
The parts of nature that people use in some way.
natural resource
A soil made up of a mixture of clay, sand, and decaying plants.