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On the African plateau, depressions which can span more than 600 miles across and as much as 5,000 feet deep
Nile River
The world's longest river, flowing more than 4,000 miles through Uganda and Sudan into Egypt and emptying into the Mediterranean Sea.
rift valley(s)
In East Africa, a long, thin valley created by the moving apart of the continental plates, stretching 4,000 miles from Jordan in SW Asia to Mozambique in S. Africa.
Mount Kilimanjaro
Africa's highest mountain, which is volcanic and located between Tanzania and Kenya alongside the Great Rift Valley
A steep slope with nearly a flat plateau on top, the Great Escarpment marks the edge of the continent's plateau in S. Africa.
Meaning "desert" in Arabic, it is the world's largest desert, stretching 3,000 miles from the Atlantic to the Red Sea.
Huge stores of underground water, which can be found up to 6,000 feet under the hottest, driest places.
Ground water, as from aquifers, that has risen to the surface and may sustain life and vegetation in the desert.
Serengeti Plain (Serengeti National Park)
A flat land with hard soil and few trees, covered in tropical grasslands throughout much of northern Tanzania. It contains some of the best tall grasses for grazing.
As it regards Africa's Congo basin and rainforest, it is the uppermost layer of branches which are a habitat for rainforest animals.
Niger Delta
At the mouth of the Niger River it contains most of Nigeria's oil.
The spreading or shifting of the desert, as in Africa's Sahara.
"Shore of the desert." It is a band of narrow grassland that runs east to west along the southern edge of the Sahara desert.
Aswan High Dam
Completed in 1970, it is used to control the flooding of the Nile.
Lake Nassar
An artifical lake created behind the Aswan Dam to hold the Nile's floodwaters; it stretches for nearly 300 miles and is shared by Egypt and Sudan.
The rich sediment once deposited by the flooding Nile.