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Obi says that to yong people, "Bribery is not a problem. They come straight to the top without bribing anyone. It's not that they're neccesarily better than others, it's simply that they can afford to be virtuous. But even that kind of virtue can become a habit"

- according to this passage, lies and deceit belong to uneducated men who lack opportunities.

- virtue is a by-product of education

- ultimately it creates an incorruptible soul

A member of the U.P.U tells the proverb of "the house rat who went swimming with his friend the lizard and died from cold, for while the lizard's scales kept him dry, the rat's hairy body remained wet."

-The men at the U.P.U weren't concerned so much with the fact that Obi accepted bribes.

- rather, they take issue with the fact that he accepted bribes without covering up his tracks

- because of such reckless behaviour, it is inevitable that he would get caught

Mr Green says, "The fact that over countless centuries the the African has been the victim of the worst climate in the world and of every imaginable disease. Hardly his fault. But he has been sapped mentally and physically. We have brought him Western education. But what use is it to him?"

- Mr. Green attributes the physical environment as the evolutionary catalyst for corruption in Africa

- a blanket generalization, to say the least.

-He further generalizes and attributes the characteristic to al Africans, regardless of education.

What is the signicance of the title "No Longer at Ease"?

- suggests something obvious- someone once felt comfortable and is now feeling uneasy.

- reflects the discomfort felt by the main character

- his education in England has left him feeling alienated from his family and friends

- while in England, he was alone in a foreign place

- obi partly rejected his own culture embracing Western values through his Western education

What role does religion play in the text?

- is another area in which Obi is torn between the European world and that of Nigeria

- Obi's own parents split on the issue of religion

- Isaac wholeheartedly embraces Christianity

- Hannah , while playing the role of the good Christian wife, clearly has deeper ties to the religion of the Igbo people

- Obi is not particularly religious

- lack of religious belief is unsurprising as Obi seems to have passion for nothing at all