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What is the mission of NIOC Maryland
Provide and deploy trained IW Officers and Cryptologic Enlisted expertise and equipment to support SIGINT, IO, and Cyber Space OPs for Naval surface, sub, expeditionary, joint, and DoD forces. To perform FIOC functions.
What echelon level is NIOC Maryland
From NIOC Maryland to the CNO, list the echelon commands to which NIOC MD is subordinate.
1-CNO2-Commander, Fleet Forces Command.3-CO, NIOC MD
NIOC MD supports the mission requirements of and is responsive to what commands and organizations?
-US Fleet Forces Command-C6F-Fleet and Strike Groups for IO DIRSUP Augmentation-NSA/CSS
What command is a detachment of NIOC MD?
Navy Information Operations Detachment (NIOD) Alice Springs, Australia
How many Reserve Units are assigned to NIOC MD?
1. Naval Reserve NIOC MD2. Naval Reserve Ft. Devens (Massachusetts)
What joint organization does NIOC MD primarily provide support to/receive support from?
List 7 command functions and tasks.(LMM FORTH RAAMM)
Logistic SupportMedicalMailroomFFSCOPSEC Support ProgramReserve ComponentsTravel FundsHousingReligiousAwardsAdminMessingUSMC
List 9 NIOC MD operational functions and tasks.(CIW MOSAIC)
NIOC MD operational functions and tasks (CIW MOSAIC)Command and Control Nodal Analysis for the FleetIT Support to DoDWeb Classification OfficerMaritime Crypto Data Facility (MCDF) - Tech support for deployed ground/fleetsOperate FIOCSupport NIOC SuitlandAquadorIMOCNO
List 6 functions of the FIOC.(DR TCST)
Functions of the FIOCDIRSUP TaskingRegional ExpertiseTraining on target AORCoordinated delivery of IOSupport to NSA/CSS WashingtonTailored feedback on IO
Define NIOC MD's responsibilities relevant to Aquador.
Operates as Collection Management Authority and technical authority for merchant ship tracking.
What support does NIOC MD provide NIOC Suitland?
NIOC MD provides NIOC Suitland with technical research/target development and local signals exploit/target development support.
List 3 manning tasks of NIOC MD.
Provide personnel for FIOCNSA/CSSIAs
List 6 of NIOC MD's training functions and tasks.(CAPRICO)
Career Professional TrainingAIR and GMTPolicies related to Navy career planningReserve personnel (train)Individual Training PlansCivilian personnel (manage and develop)OPSEC and IA (training)
Identify the 10 operational directorates of NSA/CSS.(FFINNN RAST)
Field SitesFAD - Foreign Affairs DirectorateIAD - Information Assurance DirectorateNCSC - NSA/CSS Commercial Solutions CenterNSOC - National Security Operations CenterNTOC - NSA/CSS Threat Operations CenterRD - Research DirectorateADET - Associate Directorate for Education and TrainingSID - Signals Intelligence DirectorateTD - Technology Directorate
Name 5 operational organizations under IAD.(CE 234)
IC - Cyber IntegrationIE - EngagementI2 - Trusted Engineering SolutionsI3 - IA OperationsI4 - Fusion, Analysis and Mitigations
Name the 3 operational organizations under SID.(CAD)
S1 - Customer RelationsS2 - Analysis and ProductionS3 - Data Aquisition
Name 6 operational organizations under RD.(123456 X)
Operational organizations under RDR1 - Math ResearchR2 - Trusted Systems ResearchR3 - Lab for Physical Sciences (LPS)R4 - Lab for Telecom Sciences (LTS)R05 - Center for Advanced Study of LanguagesR6 - Computer and Info SciencesRX - Special Access Research
Name 8 operational organizations under TD.(EST 12356)
TE - Enterprise Systems Engineering and ArchitectureTS - Information and System SecurityTT - Independent Test and EvaluationT1 - Mission CapabilitiesT2 - Business CapabilitiesT3 - Enterprise IT ServicesT5 - High Performance ComputingT6 - Tech SIGINT & Ground Capabilities
What is the role of N1?(ACCCDLMMPS)
Long-term support for Sailors including:AdminChaplainCMEOCCCDAPALegalMedical Mailroom (CMD in OPS3)PAOSAPR
What is the primary function of NIOC MD SSO?N1
Receive and disseminate SCI and Special Access Programs (SAP)
What is the role of N4?
Logistics support. Responsible for the management of NIOC MD finances, BEQ, BEQ Mailroom, and Travel Cards
What is the role of N5?(34567)(HPGCA)
New personnel acclamation. Short-term support for SWON53-Holding and Maintenance DivN54-PT OfficeN55-Ft. Meade GarrisonN56-Ceremonial Honors DivN57-Adelphi (comp sys)
What areas in the command are N5 responsible for?
9803, 9804 and 9805 buildings
What is the role of N7?
Readiness and training support, manpower management, manages civilian resources, and integrates Reserve components into the command.
What is the function and role of the Command Training Office?(TWIGS)N7
Technical Training to personnel temporarily assigned to N5.Worksheets for Advancement examsINDOCGMTs (track)SLC
What is the function and role of CMATT (Center for Military Advancement, Testing and Training)?N7
Provides professional training support to Sailors. i.e. bibliographies
What is a Functional Manager's role?N7
Manages job assignment and career progression for all personnel within their speciality at Ft. Meade. (Basically a command level detailer)
What is the Middle Enlisted Cryptologic Career Advancement Program (MECCAP)? Who is eligible for it?40 Dept
Work/study program for future supervisory/managerial positions like a branch chief. All CT's.E6/E7s with 6-7yrs of service, no more than 12yrs.6yr OBLISERV.
What is the Military COMINT Signals Analysis Program (MCSAP)? Who is eligible for it?40 Dept
3yr training program for Tech COMINT Positions. CTRs with 9147 NEC Only.E5/E6 with 4-12yrs of service.6yr OBLISERV
What is the Military Intern SIGINT Analysis Program (MINSAP)? Who is eligible for it?40 Dept
3yr training program where graduates receive Senior Level Intel Analyst Certification if they already have the 9138 NEC. If they do not already have the NEC they are awarded 9138. CTRs Only. E5/E6 with 4-12yrs of service. 6yr OBLISERV.
What is TAO?10 DeptS32
Tailored Access Operations
What is R&T?10 DeptS327
Requirements and Targeting
What is ROC?10 DeptS321
Remote Operations Center
What is DNT?10 DeptS323
Data Network Technologies
What is TNT?10 DeptS324
Telecommunications Network Technologies
What is MIT?10 DeptS325
Mission Infrastructure TechnologiesCovert infrastructure & monitor network
What is ATO?10 DeptS328
Access Technologies OperationsOff-net Ops
What is NWT?10 Dept
Network Warfare Team (Liaison between Military and TAO)
What IO mission does TAO fulfill?10 DeptS32
Execution of CNE/CNA operations and the development of all infrastructure and processes to execute CNE/CNA objectives
How does TAO fit into the National SIGINT mission?10 Dept
It is part of S3-Data Acquisitions within the SID.
What is the role of a Technical Language Mentor (TLM)?N7
Oversees technical and cryptologic linguist training
What is the role of the Command Language Program Manager (CLPM)?N7
Manages language training and testing for all DON personnel in the area.
What are the 6 branches that make up TAO?(RDTMRA)10 DeptS32
6 Branches of TAO (S32) are:S321 - Remote Operations Center (ROC)S323 - Data Network Technologies (DNT)S324 - Telecommunication Network Technologies (TNT)S325 - Mission Infrastructure Technologies (MIT)S327 - Requirements & Targeting (R&T)S328 - Access Technologies Operations (ATO)
What is the NROC?10 Dept
Navy Remote Operations Center. Leased space in the ROC used by Navy ION operators and analysts for CNO ops in support of NNWC and Naval Commander's objectives.
Explain the mission Requirements & Targeting Division (R&T).10 DeptS327
Coordinates with all branches of TAO and S2 for planning and conduct of CNO ops; ID and develop of tools and techniques. Made up primarily of EEA Analysts & SMEs.
Explain the mission of the Remote Operations Center (ROC).10 DeptS321
Conduct primier CNE ops to gain vital access and decisive intel.Direct support to cyber security & network warfare missions.
What divisions make up the ROC (Remote Operations Center) S321?(NOIPA)10 Dept
The following Divisions makeup the ROCNOC-Network Ops CenterORD-Operational Readiness Div(does trng for other divs)IOD-Interactive Ops DivisionPOD-Production Ops DivisionAOD-Access Operations Division
What does the AOD (Access Operations Division) do?10 Dept
Provides initial access and R&D on initial access
Explain the mission of the NOC (Network Ops Center).10 Dept
Develop, evaluate, and oversee the processes throughout the ROC required to conduct ops. ADMINSOPsTrain SWO & NWOEnforce the rules
Explain the mission of IOD (Interactive Ops Division).10 Dept
The Interactive Ops Division is responsible to the Chief of the ROC for coordinating and conducting interactive ops. Contains all the interactive operators.
What is the Navy's ION (Interactive On-Net Operator) program?10 Dept
Interactive On-Net Operator Program is used to:ID, select, and prepare Sailors for rigorous training and certification to be an interactive CNE (Computer Network Exploitation) operators.
What MILPERSMAN outlines the ION program?10 Dept
What is the process and requirements for acceptance to the ION (Interactive On-Net Operator) program?10 Dept
Must be a rated CTN with 9305 NEC. E4-E7 within 12mo of PRD. Approved for PTS. Eligible for CONUS assignment. No NJP within 2yrs. No more than 14yrs in. 6yr OBLISERV. TS/SI with Poly. All of which is waiverable but you still MUST take an aptitude TEST!!!!
Explain the mission of the POD (Production Ops Division).10 Dept
Manage and monitor ROC production ops systems to enable and maintain sustained CNO ops.Research plans, tools, logistics and call outs.
What are the two tool development organizations within TAO (S32)?10 Dept
TNT- Telecommunications Network Technologies - Develop & maintain solutions to get tele networks. DNT- Data Network Technologies - Develop & maintain software caps for ROC.
S2A20 Dept
S2A- South Asia
S2B20 Dept
S2B- China & Korea
S2C20 Dept
S2C- International Security
S2D20 Dept
S2D- Counter Foreign Intel
S2E20 Dept
S2F20 Dept
S2F- International Crime & Narcotics
S2G20 Dept
S2G- Combatting Proliferation & Arms Control
S2H20 Dept
S2H- Russia
S2I20 Dept
S2I- Counterterrorism
S2J20 Dept
S2J- Weapons and Space
What is the GECC?30 Dept
Technologies Directorate T332 Global Enterprise Command Center
What are the mission areas of the Global Enterprise Command Center (GECC)?30 DeptT332
Data & Network Ops- Tier1 comms. 24/7 active surveillance and monitoring of NSAnet. Maintain CRITIC com. NSA Comms Center- Tier 2. Monitor and maintain Red and Black transport area for WAN portion of NSAnet. 50mi radius.(NISIRT)NSA/CSS Information Systems Incident Response Team - "Baby Sitters" of NSAnet. Consists of 2 teams. Punitive Punishments. - (CERT) Computer Emergency Response Team - (CSIRT) Computer Security Incident Response Team
Name the 2 teams that make up NSA/CSS Information System Incident Response Team (NISIRT)30 DeptT332
Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT)
What is the mission of the National Intelligence and Tactical Operations (NITO)?30 Dept
Provide end-user services worldwide, primarily in hostile regions. 24/7 Meade Operations Center (MOC) tech support. Deploys within 72hrs.EA for deployed units. Just NSAnet. NOT COVERT
What is the mission of the National Signals Processing Center (NSPC)?30 DeptT334
27/7 automated response. Bulk signals analysis, formatting, and processing of all collection data forwarded to NSAW from field elements, IC Partners, 2nd and 3rd party sources. Large switchboard or mail processing center
What is the mission of the Deployable Communications Operations (DCO)?30 DeptT335
Deployable Communications Operations:Provides worldwide quick reaction and tailored telecoms support to deployed customers during exercises, crisis, and war. Surges/Large scale events. Provides SIGINT where there is none.
What is the mission of the Transport Field Services (TFS)?30 DeptT3221
Mission of the Transport Field Services (TFS):CRADLE TO GRAVE implimentation and maintenance of secure network ops in the middle east.Cradle to Grave WAN/LAN systems engineering.
What is the mission of MJ1?30 Dept
Provide DIRNSA/CSS with conprehensive view of total human resources and personal readiness for military workforce while complying with DoD and military specific requirements. Joint Awards, Admin, NSA policies, HRMS.
What is the mission of the Customer Relationships Directorate (S1)? 40 Dept
The mission of the Customer Relationships Directorate (S1) is to:Lead customer engagement and access responsiveness of end-to-end SIGINT system in meeting customer needs.
What does CROSSHAIR Net Management Center (CNMC) provide?40 DeptS35
Provides operational task management and C2 functions for the National High Frequency Direction Finding (HFDF) program.
What is the mission of the Collection Strategies and Requirements Center(S34)?40 Dept
The mission of the Collection Strategies and Requirements Center is to:Drive constant improvements on NSA's SIGINT posture against targets.
What is the mission of the Integrated Broadcast Support Services Office (IBSSO)?40 Dept
Disseminating near-real-time all source intelligence. Navy is the largest IBS user. 95% of it is ELINT and COMINT.
What is the mission of Overhead Collection Management Center (OCMC)?40 DeptS35
Unbiased overhead collection management to support a diverse worldwide customer base. Everything in the footprint gets collected
Explain the mission of the Mead Operations Center (MOC).50 DeptField Site F7
Oversee NSA's deployed crypto support to military forces. Conducts pre-deployment crypto training and provides expeditionary SIGINT support to crisis and contingency missions worldwide.
Which office in the MOC (Meade Operations Center) provides a cadre of dedicated deployers and SMEs to support Joint Tasks Forces in the Middle East?50 DeptField Site F7
SORC (Special Operations Readiness Cell): Deployers, Expeditionary Cyber Support Groups. 4-6mo deployments.
The Technical Exploitation Center (TEC) is within the Signals Survey and Analysis Division of which office?50 DeptS3
S31 - Cryptologic Exploitation Services
What is the Information Assurance Directorates (IAD) mission?(CIANA)60 Dept
Define the following missions associated with the IAD (Information Assurance Directorate).Interagency Operations Security Support Staff (IOSS)60 DeptIE - Engagement
Interagency Operations Security Support Staff (IOSS) mission is OPSEC
Define the following missions associated with the IAD (Information Assurance Directorate).Red Team60 DeptI3 - Operations
Red Team - With CO permission depict real world adversaries network penetrations using adversary tools and techniques on DoD networks. Work from outside, in.
Define the following missions associated with the IAD (Information Assurance Directorate).Blue Team60 DeptI3 - Operations
Blue Team - Work from inside out looking for weaknesses in the network.
Define the following missions associated with the IAD (Information Assurance Directorate).Joint Communications Security Monitoring Activity (JCMA)60 DeptI3 - Operations
Joint Communications Security Monitoring Activity (JCMA) - Analysis of US non-secure comms. Non-punitive.
Define the following missions associated with the IAD (Information Assurance Directorate).Office of National and Nuclear Command Capabilities (NNCC)60 DeptI2N
Office of National and Nuclear Command Capabilities (NNCC) - Ensures positive control of nuclear weapons. Cover crypto side of Nuke capabilities. Manage systems that monitor stuff dealing with Nukes like red phone comms.
Define the following missions associated with the IAD (Information Assurance Directorate).I3 - Information Assurance Operations60 Dept
Mission Integration Office (MIO)Joint Communication Security Monitoring Activity (JCMA)Red TeamHUNTBlue TeamTechnical Security Evaluations (TSEC)
Define the following missions associated with the IAD (Information Assurance Directorate).Technical Security Evaluations (TSEC)60 DeptI3 - Operations
Technical Security Evaluations (TSEC) - Finds and fixes vulnerabilities in US Govt IS's that can be exploited by a physically close adversary.
Define the following missions associated with the IAD (Information Assurance Directorate).Client Engagement and Community Outreach Group60 DeptIE - Engagement
Client Engagement and Community Outreach Group - Focal point for relationships with customers, partners, and stakeholders.
What is Associate Directorage for Education and Training (ADET) responsible for?60 Dept
Associate Directorate for Education and Training is responsible for education and training. Provides continuity in training for military and civilians. Has 23 NSA skill communities.
What is the mission for the Advanced Network Operations (HUNT)?70 Dept
To hunt for adversary penetrations of CLASSIFIED US Networks.
What are the functions of the NSA/CSS Threat Operations Center (NTOC)?70 Dept
- SIGINT reporting related to network threats.- Anticipate and predict threats.- Work with network defenders.GUARDS TO THE GATEWAYS
What are the functions of NSA/CSS Threat Operations Center (NTOC) Office of Analysis (V2)?70 DeptV2
- Characterize tactics, tool, and techniques used by adversaries.- LONG TERM analysis of threats.
What are the functions of NSA/CSS Threat Operations Center (NTOC) Defensive Network Operations (V32)?70 DeptV32
- Discover malicious network activities.- Use IDS (Intrusion Detection System).- NEAR REAL TIME analysis of threats.
What is the role of USCC's Intelligence Directorate (J2)?70 DeptJ2
All source intelligence
What is the role of USCC's Operations Directorate (J3)?70 DeptJ3
- Operational support.- Crisis planning and operations.
What is the mission of N3?
- Provide crypto and related intel support to Fleet, Joint, and National Commanders.
Where is N3 located?
NBP-318 and NBP-320
What does the acronym FIOC stand for?N3 Dept
Fleet Information Operations Center
What is the primary mission of FIOC MD?N3 Dept
Conducts first-hand reporting and analysis in support of Fleet operations.
What is the primary role of the Battle Watch Captain (BWC)?N3 Dept
27/7 watch support for C6F and other FIOCs, and tech support on SIGINT issues. BWC is a JOOWC is a Chief
What geographic areas is FIOC MD responsible for?N3 Dept
What does the acronym FCAC stand for? What does the FCAC do?N3 Dept
Fleet Cryptologic Augmentation Center. Coordinates deployments. Deals with DIRSUP logistics
What is the mission of DIRSUP?N3 Dept
Provides cryptologic direct support officers, supervisors, and operators to Fleet combatant commanders worldwide.
What does DSE stand for?N3 Dept
Direct Support Element
What platforms do NIOC MD DIRSUP Sailors support?N3 Dept
Surface, Sub-surface, and Air
What is the mission of the Russian Production Center (RPC)?N3 Dept
24/7 ops in support of time-sensitive intel. Collection on Russian submarine and major surface forces. Works with S2H.
What Navy customers does the RPC (Russian Production Center) support?N3 Dept
CTF-69, CTF-74, and US or Allied ships in AOR.
What primary types of intelligence does the RPC (Russian Production Center) produce?N3 Dept
Time-sensitive and Strategic Intelligence
What does the acronym ALRT stand for?N3 Dept
Advanced Language Response Team. Deployable to all platforms.
Describe the process for DSE augmentation support to surface/sub.N3 Dept
Global Augmentation Plan (GAP) is the plan.Information Warfare Augmentation Request (IWAR) is the request for the body.NOM is the answer to the request.
What is ALRT's mission?N3 Dept
To have a cadre of CTI's trained in Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs)
What does the acronym LCTL stand for?N3 Dept
Less Commonly Taught Language
What linguistic support does ALRT (Advanced Language Response Team) provide that other Centers of Excellence do not?N3 Dept
Describe the process to request ALRT (Advanced Language Response Team) LCTL (Less Commonly Taught Languages) support to NSA/Other Government Agencies (OGA).N3 Dept
Internal/Informal process
How does ALRT LCTL support to a squadron differ from NSA/OGA?N3 Dept
Use offical message traffic. Need a GAP, IWAR, and NOM. **GAP takes precedence over OGA requests**
What is the mission of the FIOC A&P cell?N3 Dept
Pre-Deployment briefs and analysis for AOR.
What is the mission of the FIOC IO Planning Cell?N3 Dept
Plan IO operations
What is the mission of the FIOC Offensive Cyber Operations (OCO) Cell?N3 Dept
Offensive CNE & CNA operations
What is the mission of the FIOC Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO) Cell?N3 Dept
Defensive CND Operations
What is the primary role of the Information Management Office (IMO)?N3 Dept
IT support, track equipment, and computer installation.
What is the function of the Help Desk and Asset Management Office?N3 Dept
IT Support
What is the primary function of the Messaging and Electronic Forms Division?N3 Dept
- Manage Command Messages- eForms- AMHS, SIPR, and NMCI(RADIO for a shore command)
What is the function of the FAD?
Develops relationships between 2nd and 3rd party personnel. i.e. Embassies
What is the function of NSA/CSS Commercial Solutions Center (NCSC)?
Aquires COT tools for the IC.
NSOC has two important positions, what are they and what do they do?
Senior Operations Officer (SOO) - Reports to DIRNSA and is "Acting DIRNSA" when DIRNSA is away. Senior Reporting Officer (SRO) - Sends out CRITICs.
What is the function of the Research Directorate (RD)?
Conducts research for tool development
What is the function of the Technologies Directorate (TD)?
Tests Research Directorate (RD) tools and provides them with feedback.
What is the function of the Network Warfare Team?
Liaison between military commanders and TAO. Acts as the middle man figuring out what military commanders want to do; then talks to TAO to see if TAO can support it.
Where are the Target Office of Primary Interest (TOPI) located?
S2 - Signals Intelligence Directorate
What is the purpose of the Collection Strategies and Requirements Center?
Collection Management Authority between S2 - Signals Intelligence Directorate and S3 - Data Acquisition
What are the orgins of "Percy" or "Prudence" the Purple OPSEC Dragon?
Originates from "Operation Purple Dragon" during Vietnam War where we discoveredwe had issues with OPSEC.
General Alexander is duel-hatted; what are his responsibilities?
DIRNSA - Title 50/CNE/National DefenseUSCC - Title 10/CNA/Act of War
The US Military defines Information Operations (IO) as what?
Integrated employment of EW, CNO, PSYOPS, MILDEC, and OPSEC in concert with specified supporting and related capabilities, to influence, disrupt, corrupt, or ursurp adversarial human and automated decision making while protecting our own.