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muscle tissue makes up what percentage of the body
42 male 36 female
prime mover in the lat pulldown and assisting or secondary movers
latissimus dorsi and posterior deltoid and biceps
prime mover in seated row and assit and secondary movers
back muscles and posterior deltoids biceps
prime mover in shoulder press and assist
anterior deltoids lateral deltoids traps triceps
diamond shaped muscle of the back
traepezius rhomboids
2main muscles make up the chest
pectoralis major and minor
how many heads does the tricep have
desired fat percentage for men should be what % of their body weight
desired fat% for women should be what % of their body weight
to measure client fitness level fitness prescription should be separated in ___measurable parts
four measurable parts of fitness
cardiorespiratory endurance,muscle endurance,strength,flexibilty
cardiovascular endurance is the first type of endurance to be fit
initial aerobic conditioning phase usually lasts
4-6 weeks
maintenance conditioning can be accomplished in
3 30 min workouts a week at 60-70%mhr
muscles perform contractions for long periods
muscular endurance
muscular endurance can be enhanced by performance of reps in
20-25 range
stretch should be held
10-30 seconds
flexibility has said to be most important part of training
SAID stand for
specific adaptation to imposed demands
often overlooked component of training
how long for the body to adapt to strength training
cellular level mitochondria become__at burning fatty acids for atp during low intensity long duration cardiorespiratory exercise
more efficient
to achieve vo2 max during bursts of max intensity the activity cant be peformed for longer than
1-3 mins
peak functional fitness cross training cardiovascular program components
low intensity ,long duration.
alternate high and low intensity over equal duration
short recovery between bursts of max intensity steady state target heart rate aerobics
movement of blood from one part of body to another requires__of vessels in that region and ____of the vessels in all other regions
vasodilation, vasoconstriction
what happens to vessels in muscular areas when digestion takes place
aerobic exercising client most heavily relies on what type of glycogen storage
liver glycogen
how many calories of glucose are needed to have liver and blood sugar levels at their peek if they were at zero
most energy used during resistance training comes from
energy stored in the muscle
key to optimizing muscle glycogen replenishment
eating right during entire recovery period
type 1 muscle fibers are referred to as
red slow twitch
type 2a muscle fibers are referred to as
red fast twitch
type 2b muscle fibers are referred to as
white fast twitch
motor unit recruitment method from immediate heavy resistance and what muscle type
immediate recruitment and white fast twitch
set involving long duration high rep training to failure describes what type of motor unit recruitment
depleting energy recuitment
explosive movement against sub maximal resistance is what type of muscle fiber recruitment
contractile speed recruitment
ribosomes receive instruction from___and are located in the ___
Myofribril failure occurs during what rep range
mitochondrial failure occurs during what rep range
example of how resistance training assists in fat burning
bigger muscle needs more energy depleted energy from high rep training requires fatty acid energy during repletion
muscle tissue cells have how many nuclei
nuclei in the muscle tissue cells are embedded in the cell membrane called
dna transfers info from nucleous to mRNA housed in the
transition from anareobic metabolism to aerobic depends on
intensity and duration
common method to calculate HR
karvonan formula
for endurance athlete when dist/time "best time is known for an event what formula is used for max ox uptake training
best time/0.80 =desired training interval
using RPE scale the fat loss client should stay at what level
sign of anaerobic systems being used during aerobic workout is
out of breath and lactic acid burning
80% of max ox uptake is what% of max HR
performing a pause in the 12-15 range translate into new myofibril because of the extra relaxation can perform more
holding breath at max intensity lifts is known as
valsalva maneuver
2 day split client should be training in what range
circuit routine client should train_times per week
max energy depletion training is used for what goal
fat loss
bcaa makes up 50-60% of all muscle tissue
does immediate uptake of blood glucose after energy depleating exercise mean the difference between catabolism and anabolism
energy used during aerobics comes from fatty acids
antagonistic set
leg extension followed by leg curls
prolonged starvation diets can lead to
keto acidosis
temporary starvation diets lead to
overtraining signs
no progress high body temp high morning resting heart rate insomnia
long term low cal diet leads to
lowered metabolism
training principle that targets each of the three motor units in one workout is called
client who shows more progress in 12-15 range is better suited for
boxing basketball
min amount of carbs needed to prevent the body from cannibalizing proteins and aminos for brain function is
156 grms
how many cals per hour of glucose will the liver release through the process of glycogenolysis
toxic by product of gluconeogenesis
as we age muscles forget to take up sugar and fat cells become more efficient
when muscles are sedentary the body will view them as unnecessary and burn them for fuel while preserving fat tissue on a low calorie intake
military press plane of motion
thin hardgainer
athletic easy responder to training
slow metabolism soft round hard to lose fat
calculate BMR
phases in step test
body weight % of water
acute phases lasts