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Muscle's isolated function- How to remember

One way of remembering a muscle’sisolated function is by learning itsconcentric muscle action.

muscle belly

Muscle bellyThe mid-region in between the originand insertion.


MalalignmentThe incorrect or improper alignmentof the joints in a body withoutmovements.

Overactive muscle

OveractiveReferring to a state of having disruptedneuromuscular recruitment patternsthat lead a muscle to be more activeduring a joint action.


UnderactiveReferring to the state of havingdisrupted neuromuscular recruitmentpatterns that lead a muscle to berelatively less active during a jointaction.

Retraction - Shoulders

RetractionAdduction of the shoulder blades wherethe shoulder blades move toward thespine.

Shoulder Inpingement

Shoulder impingementWhen the space between the bone ontop of the shoulder (acromion) and thetendons of the rotator cuff rub againsteach other during arm elevation.

Pronation of the foot

Pronation of the footA combination of dorsiflexion, eversion,and abduction.

Supination of the foot

Supination of the foot A combination of plantar flexion, inversion, and adduction.


FlexibilityThe normal extensibility of soft tissue,which allows a joint to be movedthrough its full range of motion.CHECKy