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when there are cranial nerve signs where is the lesion ususally? what side?
- lesion is usually in brainstem

- on same side as lesion
what fibers travel in the pyramids of the medulla?
- corticospinal fibers & corticobulbar fibers
what do the cerebellar peduncles do?
- strap cerebellum onto brainstem
what does the inferior cerebellar peduncle connect?
- major communication between medulla & cerebellum

- brings information into cerebellum from medulla & vesticular nuclei
what do the cuneate tubercle & gracile tubercle hold?
- cell bodies to 2nd order neurons for dorsal column tract
what is the reticular formation? where is it present?
- neurons that control respiration, HR, consciousness

- present in medulla, pons, midbrain
what is the medial lemniscus?
- part of dorsal column pathway, brings dorsal column information up to thalamus

- kind of meets up with the spinothalamic pathway in midbrain to get up to thalamus
what is the corticobulbar pathway?
- motor cranial nerve nuclei receive cortical input via corticobulbar pathway

- pathway is bilateral will synapse on left & right
what is the alar vs basal plate?
- alar plate gives rise to sensory neurons

- basal plate gives rise to motor neurons
somatic motor nuclei are most _________, somatic sensory nuclei are most ________. visceromotor & viscerosensory are separated by what?
- medial

- lateral

- sulcus limitans
what is the order of the columns of CN nuclei from midline to lateral?
- somatic motor --> branchial motor --> visceral motor --> visceral sensory --> somatic sensory --> special taste
where is the spinothalamic vs corticospinal pathway located in the spinal cord?
- anterolateral finiculus is the spinothalamic

- lateral faniculus is the corticospinal
what is the descending nucleus spinal V?
- pain & temp from face, poorly myelinated nuclei with second order neurons in this pathway
where does the corticospinal tract dessucate?
- in the pyramids of the caudal medulla
does the corticospinal pathway cross above or below the dorsal column pathway in the caudal medulla?
- corticospinal pathway crosses below
what are the internal arcuate fibers?
- coming from dorsal column pathway through the 2nd order neurons & cross over to form the medial lemniscus to ascend up to the thalamus
what is the difference between the caudal & rostral medulla?
- caudal is closed & rostral is open into 4th ventricle
what is the inferior olivary nucleus? where is it located?
- located in rostral medulla

- gets input from the cortex and sends it across the midline & into cerebellum
where is the hypoglossus nucleus? what happens when it is damaged?
- present in midline of medulla

- have equivalent of lower motor neuron lesion - ask patient to protrude tongue and will deviate to side of lesion due to weakness
what is nucleus ambiguus? what happens when it is damaged?
- sends fibers out through cranial nerves 9 & 10 - go to larynx, pharynx & soft palate

- lesion of these fibers will result in hoarseness of voice & difficulty swallowing

- uvula will be deviated to unaffected side
what is the dorsal motor nucleus of X?
- major parasympathetic nucleus of brain stem
what is the nucleus solitarius?
- visceral motor - receives info from the viscera including taste

- cranial nerves are 7, 9, 10

- sensory only
what is the spinal nucleus of V?
- descending nucleus of V

- trigeminal ganglion heading in & descend & give somatosensory to face about pain & temperature