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What is the role of a pump on the plasma membrane?

Maintain concentration gradients by moving substances against their concentration gradient.this requires energy.

What pumps are found on a neuron?

Sodium-potassium pumps and calcium pumps

What is the role of a channel on a plasma membrane?

Allow substances to move down tgeir concentration gradient

What is a leak channel?

A channel that is alwats open and allows continous diffusion of a specifoc type of ion from an area of high to low concentration

What is a chemically gated chanel?

These channels are normally closed except when binded to a specific chemical - like a neurotransmitter

What is the role of a voltage gated channel on the plasma membrane?

Channels that are normally closed, but that open in response to changes in electrical charge

Why are sodium voltage gated channels unique?

Unlike most that have one gate, Na+ have 2 gates, activation and inactivation gates

What is the resting state of an Na+ channel?

The inactivation gate is open, but the actovation gate is closed, so Na+ can't pass through

What is the activation gate of an Na+ channel?

Both the inactivation and activation gates are open so that Na+ can pass through

What is thr inactivation state of an Na+ channel?

The activation gate is open, but the inactivation gate is closed. Na+ cant pass through

What is a modality gated channel?

A channel that opens in response to a stimulus other than chemical or voltage. These are found on sensory neurons.