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what types of neurons are located entiry within the CNS?
association neuron
Defective oligodendrocytes interfere with the production of what substance?
what function is impaired if there is damage to afferent neurons?
sensory functions because afferent neurons are sensory neurons that conduct impulses to the CNS
what are some effects that produce some anesthetics?
inhibiting the diffusion of Na through the cell membrane + thus blocking the initiation + conduction of nerve impulses
what is the response to a threshold stimulus on a neuron?
action potential
what is a distinguishing feature of a neuron on which saltatory conduction occurs?
nodes of Ranvier which are the gaps between myelin segments.
many muscle fibers must contract at the same time. what type of neuronal circuit permits this?
divergence circuit
what is meningitis?
an acute inflammation of the pia mater + the arachnoid. caused by bacteria.
parkinson disease
a condition in which the basal ganglia do not produce enough of the inhibitory transmitter dopamine. no dopamine there is an excess of excitatory signals that affect certain voluntary muscles producing rigidity
what is the limbic system>?
scattered but interconnected regions of gray matter in the cerebral hemispheres + diencephalon. it's involved in memory +emotions
what is a reticular formation
scattered but interconnected neurons + fiber pathways in the midbrain + brain stem. it is a functional system, maintains alertness
in which cerebral lobe is the primary somatosensory area located?
parietal lobe
what comprises the white matter of the brain + spinal cord?
myelinated fibers
in which ventricle will CSF accumulate if there is a constriction or blockage i nthe cerebral aqueduct?
3d ventricle
what type of impulses are transmitted by the spinothalamic tracts of the spinal cord?
sensory impulses of touch, pain, pressure + temperature
what are the relationship between spinal nerve, its source from spinal cord + the region it innervates?
the close relationship is that the skin surface area supplied by a single spinal nerve is called dermatome
attention deficit disorder
attention defficit hyperactivity disorder
amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
autonomic nervous system
central nerovus system
cerebrospinal fluid
cerebrospinal miningitis
computed tomography
cerebrovascular accident
intracranial pressure