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what is the main three functions of the nervous system?

sensory input, integration, motor output

what are the main two components

central nervous system, Deripheral nervous system

which component sends signals to the brain and spinal cord?

A) central nervous system

B) Deripheral nervous system

what is a neuron?

the structural and functional unit of the nervous system.

what are the 5 main parts of a neuron?

cell body, dentrites, axon, myelin sheath, proprioceptors

what are the two divisions of Peripheral Nervous System PNS?

Afferent and Efferent

Signals are conducted by ________ which are bundles of ______ wrapped in connective tissue.



Inter neurons are neurons within the ____


Describe what a Reflex Arc is and give an example.

It is an automatic response to an action that bypasses the brain. An example is your hand on a hot stove.

what are the receivers in a neuron?


what is the role of the Myelin Sheath?

it acts as an insulator and speeds up transmission of impulse.

What are the gaps between each neuron called?