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-functional unit of the kidney
-1 million nephrons per a kidney
-bed of capillaires surrounded by bowmans caupsule
-increase preasure in glomerulus, forces filtration out
-filtrat is similiar to blood plasma in compostition
(does not hae big molecules - proteins)
Collecting Duct
-concentration of urine occurs by osmosis of water
-99% of water has been reabsorbed after the collecting duct
Renal Tubule
Reabsorption occurs here
Distal Convoluted Tubule
-some reabsorption
-secretion: H+ are secreted form the blood into the tubule
-maintains blood pH
Proximal Convoluted Tubule
-most reabsorption occurs here
-75% of water gets back with osmosis
-glucose and NaCl return to blood through active transport
Loop of Henle
-maintains NaCl concentration in the body
-pumps NaCl into extra cellular fluid and aids in water reabsorption
Bowman's Capsule
-cup shaped structure that surrounds the glomerulus
-collecting the filtrate from the hlomerulus
-composed of glucose, salt, water, amino acids, and urea