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erikson acknowledged the importance of the _________ and early childhood
he proposed 8 developmental stages through the entire life span
each stage is characterized by a particular challenge or ____________ __________ to the stage of life in question
developmental crisis
trust v. mistrust
birth to 1 year
trust if needs are met
mistrust if neglected
autonomy v shame and doubt
2-3 y.o.
society makes demands to be independent; child feels affective in accomplishment or
ineffective and unable to control environment
initiative v guilt
4-5 years
caregiver takes time to answer question
initiation exceeds the limits of his capabilities or parent curtails child's initiative
industry v inferiority
child is driven to product and performance are rewarded
when childs efforts are unsuccessful or efforts are treated as problems
identity v role confusion
gaining independence from their parents and answering question of kind of person they are or they are uncertain about their role causing confusion
intimacy v isolation
young adult
willingness to relate to another person on deeper level or isolation is experienced if intimacy is not established
generativity v stagnation
middle adult
willingness to guide the next generation or unwilling will lead to stagnation
integrity v despair
late adulthood
coming to terms with oneself and accepting life or feel a sense of despair