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Galvanized pipe is pipe that has been ______________?

A. Painted with aluminum coating

B. Sprayed with galvan

C. Dipped in a hot zinc mixture

D. Threaded using a hand threading tool

Dipped in a hot zinc mixture

One advantage of stainless steel is that it is _____________?

A. Inexpensive

B. Easy to thread

C. Resistant to corrosion

D. Difficult to make leak-proof

Resistant to corrosion

The wall thickness of schedule 40 and schedule 80 pipe is the same; it is the outside diameter that is different?

A. True

B. False


The fitting shown in figure 1 is a ______?

A. Cap

B. Coupling

C. Nipple

D. Bushing


The fitting that is used to connect the male end of a pipe to the female end of a larger fitting is called a _______?

A. Coupling

B. Flange

C. Bushing

D. Reducer


The piping drawing depicted in figure 2 is called a ______ drawing ?

A. Double-line

B. Elevation

C. Isometric

D. Single-line

Double - line

In the piping system line number 2"- CW-309-M-1, the letters CW represent the ______.

A. Pipe diameter

B. Thread direction

C. Fluid carried by the pipe

D. Material the pipe is made of

Fluid carried by the pipe

In the thread designation 3/8-18-NPT, the 18 represents the number of threads per inch?

A. True

B. False


Given a properly threaded pipe, a threaded fitting should be able to be hand-threaded _____ full rotations.

A. 1 to 2

B. 2 to 3

C. 3 to 4

D. 4 to 5

3 to 4

The term takeout refers to the ______.

A. Space between fittings

B. Space between the end of the threaded pipe fitting and the center of the fitting

C. Distance between the threaded ends of the pipes connected to the straight through run of the tee

D. Shoulder -to-shoulder dimension of the fitting

Space between the end of the threaded pipe fitting and the center of the fitting

The method used to determine the length of a pipe that has a flange on each end is the ____ method.

A. Shoulder-to -shoulder

B. Face-to-face

C. Center-to-center

D. Center-to-face

Face -to- face

The long side of a straight offset is known as the travel?

A. True

B. False


In calculating a 45-degree offset, the set is multiplied by ______ to determine the travel.

A. 0.75

B. 1.414

C. 2

D. 3.1416


Teflon tape must be used on piping that will be used to carry steam?

A. True

B. False


When threading a pipe to a valve, you would place the valve securely in a vise?

A. True

B. False