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Vital capacity is

Volume of air expired after maximal inspiration

Tidal volume is

The amount of air inspired or expired with each normal breath

The inspiratory reserve volume is

The volume of air that can be inspired after inspiration of a tidal volume

The exploratory reserve volume is

The volume of air that can be expired after expiration of tidal volume

The range of normal HbA1c or glycosylated hemoglobin is

3.9-6.9 %

Acute endocarditis pathogens:

Staphylococcus Aureus

S. Epidermis


Candida sp.

Subacute endocarditis pathogens

Viridans Streptococci ( S. mutans, S. sanguis, S. salivarius, S. mitis

The bones of the skeleton store their energy reserves in the area of the

A. bone matrix.

B. canaliculi.

C. haversian canal.

D. red marrow.

E. yellow marrow.

yellow marrow.

A newborn presents with severe acidosis, vomiting, hypotonia, neurologic deficits, and elevated levels of lactate and alanine. These observations suggest a deficiency of which of the following enzymes?

A. Alanine aminotransferase

B. Glutamate dehydrogenase

C. Lactate dehydrogenase

D. Pyruvate carboxylase

E. Pyruvate dehydrogenase

Pyruvate dehydrogenase

Which of the following structures does the fetal allantoic duct become in the adult?

A. Cloaca

B. Medial umbilical ligament

C. Urachus

D. Ureter

E. Urethra


An individual who is diagnosed with congestive heart failure would benefit from a treatment regimen that accomplishes all of the following EXCEPT

A. increases afterload.

B. increases preload.

C. prevents ventricular remodeling.

D. produces a positive inotropic effect on the cardiac muscle.

E. removes excessive water from the body.

increases afterload.

In a patient with parathyroid adenoma, you would expect to find

A. high serum calcium.

B. neuromuscular excitability.

C. tetany.

D. cardiac conduction defects.

E. hyperphosphatemia.

high serum calcium.

Cancer of which of the following organs is the MOST likely cause of an elevation of serum erythropoietin levels in a patient with a hematocrit of 52%?

A. Breast

B. Colon

C. Kidney

D. Stomach

E. Thyroid


In performing a left working movement

A. only the left lateral pterygoid contracts.

B. only the right lateral pteyrgoid contracts.

C. both lateral pterygoids contract.

D. neither lateral pterygoid contracts.

only the right lateral pteyrgoid contracts.