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What is the purpose of the Navy Official Mail Management Program?

To set forth policy for the the responsibilities and management of official mail within the Navy. (1)

What is the objective of the official mail program?

To control cost through proper and cost-effective use of the United Sates Postal Service (USPS), international mail, and other carriers. (1)

What are the roles and responsibilities of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Fleet Readiness and Logistics (N4)?

Develop and issue official mail management policy, and ensure adherence to policies and procedures under the auspices of the Navy Command Inspection Program. (1)

What are the roles and responsibilities of Commander, Naval Supply Systems Command (COMNAVSUPSYSCOM)?

Act as the lead activity for the Navy Official Mail Program and serve as the single point of contact with the Military Postal Service Agency and Headquarters, USPS. (2)

What are the roles and responsibilities of Echelon 2 commands?

Implement a Navy Official Mail cost control program (NOMCCP), appoint an Official Mail Manager (OMM) to be responsible for issuance and implementation of all NOMCCP policies, and budget for postal expenditures and reallocate monies. (2)

Installations, activities and mobile units shall designate an Official Mail Manager. Who can be designated as an OMM?

A commissioned, warrant, non-commissioned officer (E6 or higher) or DoD civilian (GS6 or higher). (2)

Host commands shall provide official mail support on a non-reimbursable basis to who?

Tenant Navy Commands, Tenant Marine Corps Commands, Squadrons, Seabee battalions and other mobile Navy/Marine Corps commands that routinely embark with/to a host command for deployment. (4)

Host commands shall provide official mail support on a reimbursable basis to who?

Official mail support for other DoD component tenant commands, medical facilities funded by the U.S. Public Health Service, MWR, Defense Commissary Agency, all Navy Working Capital Fund activities and Homeported afloat units. (4)

Who shall maintain records reflecting the total cost of support provided to activities served?

Commands providing official mail support. (4)

What are 3 methods that can be used to purchase postal services?

Navy Purchase Card, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Commercial Meter Remotely Set (CMRS) accounts. (4)

Which method of payment can be used to order stamps by phone or purchase postage stamps, stamped cards and stamped envelopes, personalized stamp envelopes, personal computer postage, and pay for post office box rental at a post office?

Navy Purchase Card (4)

What method of payment is mandatory for all commands with EFT capability that have a Commercial Meter Remotely Set (CMRS) account or Centralized Account Processing System (CAPS) account?

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) (4)

What type of account allows for the setting of postage by phone using electronic meters that can be remotely set?

Commercial Meter Remotely Set (CMRS) account (5)

What are the 5 authorized meter manufactures that electronic meters can be obtained from?

FP Mailing Solutions, Hasler Inc., Neopost, Pitney Bowes Inc., and Data-Pac Mailing Systems Corp. (5)

Who should you contact if you want to obtain a USPS CMRS lock box address and account?

The Meter Manufacturer representative (5)

Funds should be deposited to cover postage for how many months?

6 months (5)

Commands that have the capability to send funds by EFT to the CMRS account through DFAS or other paying activities, should use what method?

CMRS (5)

Electronic meters should be reset as needed, but at a minimum of how often?

Quarterly (5)

Who must Official Mail Managers contact to reset electronic meters?

The Meter Manufacturer (5)

Postage deposits must be made to a designated what?

USPS Bank Account (5)

Payments for postage may not be held in postal vendor accounts unless what?

The DoD component has statutory authority to do so or it has received prior written approval from Department of the Treasury. (5)

A USPS system that must be used by Navy continental United States (CONUS) activities as the standard method for paying the USPS for most postal purchases.

CAPS Account (6)

Who must commands that are establishing a CAPS account work with to arrange for deposit of funds by EFT?

The servicing DFAS (6)

What must electronic funds transfer be made through?

The automated clearing house credit transfer (6)

The return address portion of envelopes, labels, and mailable forms to be used with prepaid postage shall have what at the top and what at the bottom of the label?

Department of the Navy at the top of the label and Official Business at the bottom of the label. (6)

When is the only time that cash can be used to purchase postal items?

When no other means are available to obtain the items. (6)

Commands desiring to obtain postage metering equipment must request approval from where before the equipment is purchased?

COMNAVSUPSYSCOM, Director, Postal Policy Division (NAVSUP 54). (7)

What is required from USPS to operate a postage meter?

A meter license (7)

What is the form number of the application that must be submitted to request or update a license to lease and use a postage meter?

PS Form 3601-A (7)

Where should PS Form 3601-A applications be sent for processing?

The National Customer Support Center in Memphis, TN. (7)

What is the preferred method of getting the PS Form 3601-A application to the National Customer Support Center in Memphis, TN?

Electronically transmitting the data requested on PS Form 3601-A. (7)

Payment for postage set on meters must be made in advance by depositing funds into a what?

CMRS Account (7)

What are the 3 special postal services that Navy commands are authorized to use?

Registered, certified and numbered (8)

When would a person use Registered postal services for their mail?

Service records, medical records, records of courts-martial, and all equipment (laptops) in conjunction with processing classified material. (9)

When would a person use Certified postal services for their mail?

For confidential material to facilities cleared for access to classified information under the DoD Industrial Security Program and any non-DoD agency of the executive branch. (9)

What special postal service can only be used for CONUS facilities and is not authorized for OCONUS facilities/mobile units?

Certified (9)

When would a person use Numbered Insured postal services for their mail?

For motion pictured that are sent from or to the Navy Motion Picture Exchange. (9)

What should personnel who apply postage to official mail use to record the amount of stamps, stamped envelopes and stamped cards used?

Daily worksheet (9)

How long must daily worksheets be maintained on file for?

Until the next monthly audit has been completed. (9)

Records reflecting what should be maintained of all postage stamps, stamped envelopes and stamped cards procured, used and on hand?

The number and dollar value (9)

What should be maintained for all postage stamps, stamped envelopes, and stamped cards transferred for use on a sub-custody basis?

Signature receipt record (9)

When must shortages of $10 or more in the account be replaced?

At the time of the audit. (10)

In addition to the command Official Mail Manager, who else is authorized to conduct audits of the official mail account?

Monies Audit Board Members, Navy Postal Advisors, Members of the major command inspector general team, Navy OMM/assistant OMM and other personnel designated in writing by the commanding officer. (10)

All commands must forward a copy of the monthly official stamp audit where?

Their region, major claimant or SYSCOM OMM. (10)