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When a message requisition is prepared, you should also complete what DD form?
DD 1348
Which of the various elements of a Nations Stock Number (NSN) may be used by itself to identify a specific item of material?
National Item Identification Number (NIIN)
The 3rd section of the appropriation symbol on an accounting document designates what?
the purpose of appropriation
What publications are distributed afloat?
not NAVSUP P-437
What publication is issued monthly and contains info regarding medical supply changes in stock numbers, addition and deletions?
All purchases from the imprest fund are paid in cash and no one purchase may exceed $___?
Controlled medical items, such as barbiturates, antibiotics, and other drugs or substances coded "C" are inventoried how often?
What DD form is utilized when purchasing standard stock controlled items?
DD 1348
The listing of professional books and publications that are required to be maintained at a naval medical facility are found in what BUMEDINST?
What is the minimum amount of medical material to be maintained on board a ship at any time?
When inventorying hazardous items, it is mandatory to do what?
-inspect each unit of each item for its condition, proper labeling and correct identification
The quantity of an item that is required to sustain operations during interval between requisition or between the receipt of successive shipment is termed what?
operating level
The Document number, located in card columns 30-43 on the DD-1348 includes the SDC, UIC, Julian date, and serial number of the requisition. The SDC is a one-letter code which identifies the component of the service. Which letter is used by fleet operating units of CINCLANTFLT
What is the Maximum amount of muney that is kept in the imprest fund?
How many different types of appropriations are there?
What does the National Stock Number (NSN) include?
What fund is utilized when work is performed by the Navy for other governments (foreign)?
Naval Working Fund
When normal supply sources are NOT available and general stores stock is exhausted, transferring items from the ship's store is accomplished by what DD form and charging to the ships what?
ship's OPTAR
Plant Property is Divided into _____ classes for the purpose of management, financial, and technical control and related expenditures.
Security type medical supplies, such as narcotics, precious metals, alcohol and alcoholic beverages (R) are inverntoried how often?
monthly and upon change of custodial responsibilitiy
The appropriations that provide for the pay and allowances, clothing, and PCS orders of active duty Navy and Marine Corps personnel is...?
What form should be used to requisition GSA contract items, such as medical books and journals?
What system was established to ensure that material issue requestes are processed according to the military importance of the requiring activity and the URGENCY of the need?
UMIPS (Uniform Material Movement and Issue Priority System)
The procurement document to be used for items excluded from MILSTRIP is form?
Items of material that are NOT included in the Federal Catalog System, but which are stocked in the Navy Supply system, are identified by what numbers?
Navy Item Control Numbers (NICN)
When do annual appropriations become available?
beginning of Fiscal Year
All classes of plant property must be inventoried every ___ years.
three years
T/F? Blanket purchase agreements may NOT be established by ships but may be requested from the shore supply activity.
When the first two numbers of an appropriation's symbol is "97", what department is responsible for its administration?
Department of Defense (DOD)
The Letter "B" found in the notes section of the Federal Supply Catalog would identify items that are...?
corrosive or poisonous material
What type of work would be funded by a continuing appropriation?
Military construction Navy
What is the two digit code that identifies the country that assigned the stock number?
National Codification Bureau Code (NCB)
Which form is normally used when requesting material from other ships?
6-part DD1348
Plant property is divided into ____ classes for the purpose of management, financial, and technical control and related expenditures.
4 classes
What appropriation symbol is used to identify all appropriations assigned to the Air Force
The letter "X" in the appropriation symbol 17X1832 identifies what?
item as a continuing appropriation
Hazardous items codes such as H, F, M, or R are inventoried how often?
What type of inventory encompasses a physical count of all items under the same cognizance symbol, FSC, or that support the same operational function such as boat spares, electron tubes, boiler tubes or fire brick?
Specific Commodity Inventory
Which of the Following funds is a revolving fund used to finance commercial-type activities such as maintaining and operating Naval shipyards?
Navy Industrial Fund
Who preparese the DD2090 (Government Property Lost of Damaged)?
Person who conducted causative research
The term "small purchase" in the open market refers to purchase NOT in excess of $____?
What officer would be eligible to serve on a formal survey board if the article was medical?
Operations officer
(NOT the CO or Supply officer or any Medical officers)
Fill out DD1348 with either a ball point pen or a...?
What is the short title for the uniform method of procurement for the Navy, Marine Corps, army, air force and Goverment Services Administrations?
Activities afloat may not purchase specified materials, including automotive equipment, library books, and printing equipment, without specific authority from who?
Cognizant bureau or command
Material carried in stock for future use in full unbroken cantainers is referred to as ...?
Bulk storage
If assigned, the Special Material Identification Code (SMIC) for an item will appear in which of the following card columns (CCs) of a DD-1348 requisition?
21 and 22
Controlled equipage and presentation silver are part of what inventory?
Special Material Inventory
What type of appropriations generally cover the operation and maintenance expenses of the navy?
How often is the Imprest Fund reviewed to determine current needs?
When Requirement of items is routine, the Urgency of Need Designator is...?
What is a fund that is established to finance a cycle of operation to which reimbursements and collection are returned for reuse?
revolving funds
How often is the imprest fund reviewed to determine current needs?
Who is NOT allowed to serve on a survery board?
Which Navy Stock Fund is Made available by Congress and is reviewed by them annually?
All purchases from an Imprest Fund are paid for in cash, and no one purchase may exceed $150, except in emergencies, when that limit is $____?
What is equipment that is under management control due to high replacement cost or it is highly essential to accomplish the activities mission?
controlled equipage
Prior knowledge of stock numbers and items location are required prior to conduction which type of inventory?
Specific Commodity Inventory
What type of Inventory would involve the Inventory of all fast and slow movers?
What action code indicates a change in data since the previous publication?
What is the status of an appropriation no longer available for disbursement?
The cognizance symbol for all Navy owned bulk medical material is...?
An agreement to pay for a received service or the awarding of a contract is called a...?
What is the quantity of material normally required to be on hand to sustain operations for a stated period without augmentation; it is the median between the safety level and stockage objective?
average endurance level
Who is responsible for supplementing AMAL with first aid guns bags, plastic airways, litter and battle dressing stations supplies?
What is DD form is utilized when purchasing standard stock controlled items?
DD 1348
What is the Shelf Life Code assigned to items whose shelf life can be extended?
Type II (numeric)
What is the uppercase letter of the alphabet (A, B, or C) selected to indicate the relative urgency of a force or activity's need for a required item of material known as?
What fund is used to finance the purchase and maintenance of stocks of common supply items?
Navy Stock
What action code indicates items not previously included in the basic publication, change bulletin or notice or a deleted item is being reinstated?
T/F? For medical supply storage spaces, ALL key padlocks must be 1 1/2 inch, pin tumbler type, with dead bolts, either brass or bronze.
What are the first two digits of the appropriation symbol which identifies the department of the Army?
The status of an appropriation available for incurring obligations during a fiscal year is termed as...?
The DD-1155 is prepared in accordance with NAVSUP P-?
At the end of the Fiscal Year, the unobligated monies for annual, continuing and multiple year appropriations are transferred to the ...?
The quantity of material (exclusive of the safety level) required to sustain operations during the interval between successive requisitions (normally 3 months) is a____ level..?
operating level
What type of fund is involving in the shipment of household goods?
Navy management
which of the below is considered a convenient source for stock items?
Who has Custodial responsibility of narcotics, alcoholic beverages and dangerous drugs
Commanding Officer
What type of appropriation is available for incurring obliations until the funding is exhausted or until the purpose for which it was made is accomplished?
No year
multiple year
The first two digits of an appropriations symbol used to identify all appropriations assigned to the navy are ..?
Non-standard BUMED-controlled intems requiring local purchase action should be ordered on a DD?
The letter "G" found in the notes section of the Federal Supply Catalog would identify items that require ...?
The decision to stock an item at a supply center is decided when item is asked for 3 times in ___ months
6 months
The action code indicates an item is no longer available?
which of the following is a publication that is designed to indoctrinate and train fleet personnel in the MILTRIP system. it also contains illustrations and explanations, making it a valuable training aid and a handy reference? NAVSUPINST?
An unscheduled physical inventory that is taken to verify existence or nonexistence of a specific item is a ___ inventory.?
Spot Inventory
What type of appropriations generally cover the operation and maintenance expenses of the navy?
Alcohol, alcoholic beberages, precious metal, and schedule II narcotics requiring special storage and handling code in the Federal Supply Catalog "notes' section. What is the Code?
What appropriation requires long lead time such as procurement of aircraft, missiles and ship building?
Multiple-year Appropriation
Naval Supply Centers, Naval Supply Depots and Industrial Naval Air Stations are known as..?
Stock Points
Who has the key or combination to the Locked container where alcohol is stored in the paint and flammable liquid storeroom?
Supply officer or officer designated in writing by the CO
Equipment (other than industrial) would be considered plant property class...?
who is resposnible for conductiong an informal survey?
Department Head
What type of fund would invovle receiving public contributions for the purpose of constructiong and maintaining the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor?
The Correct date format in CC36 on the DD-1348 is ...
what is the maximum amount of material maintained on board a ship and on order to sustain current operations normally for 9 months?
Requisitioning objective
What fund is used to complete two Navy operations that are financed by two or more appropriations ?
Navy management fund
What is the federal supply catalog (FSC) class for medical and surgical instruments, equipment and supplies?
Which part of the DD1348 should be sent to the issuing ship?
yellow copy
At the end of their availability period, the unliquidated obligations of annual and/or multiple=year appropriations are transferred to the ...?
Successor M account
What is the FSC class for X-ray equipment and supplies?
What type of inventory is completed on items because of their physical characteristics , cost mission essentiality and criticality?
Special Material Inventory
Which of the following is known as a desk guide and a handy reference for personnel responsible for originating and processing MILSTRIP/MILSTRAP documents?
Which publication establishes policies for operating and managing afloat supply departments and activities?
High usage, bulky consumable items such as rags and toilet paper, which must be replenished often aboard ship are known as...?
critical items
What fund is utilized when work is performed by the Navy for other governments (foreign)?
Naval Working Fund
"Drugs and Biologicals" can be found under which of the following FSC classes?
What inventory is a measure of the stock record accuracy for material based on the physical count of a specified number of items selected within a segment?
Random Sampling Inventory
What color copy of the DD1348 is kept in the action tickler file by the stock records storekeeper?
The DD200 is initiated by who?
a responsible person
What is the shelf life code assigned to items whose shelf life cannot be extended?
Type I (alpha)
Until funds are exhausted or their purpose is accomplished describes a _______ appropriation.
Which publication issues policies on MILSTRIP/MILSTRAP and takes precedence over conflictiong provisions contained in other supply system manuals or directives?
What form should be used to requisition standard stock BUMED controlled items?
DD 1348
The third digit in the appropriation symbol on an accountiong document designates the..?
fiscal year
What is the maximum quantity of material to the maintained on hand and on order to sustain current operations normally for 9 mos?
high limit (requisition objective)
The local item control number consists of 13 characters with the fifth and sixth digits designated as...?
what is the roman numeral that identifies and categorizes a force or activity on the basis of its military importance known as?
What type of appropriations generally cover the operation and maintenance expense of the Navy?
What is the 9 digit number that identifies each item of supply used by the DOD?
National Item Identification Number (NIIN)
What form is used when there is no evidence of personal responsibility?
What is the Federal Supply Catalog (FSC) class for Surgical Dressing Materials?
What is known as the quantity of material, in addition to the operation level, that is required to be on hand to permit continuous operations (normally 3 mos)
Safety level
Which copy of the DD-1348 would go to the ashore supply activity?
what is the two digit number (01 highest to 15 lowest) that is located in the CC60-61 called?
Priority Designator (PD)
what is the multipurpose form used as a consumption document by submarine forces, as a MILSTRIP requisitioning document by nonautomated ships of the submarine forces and as an invoice document?
NAVSUP 1250-1
what letter identifies flammable or oxidizing material?
I (i)
Combinations on keyless padlock storerooms should be changed every _____ months
6 months
What type of appropriation is available for incurring obligations until the funding is exhausted or until the purpose for which it was made is accomplished?
no year
What is stored in lead-lined boxes or chests in a storeroom below the full-load waterline in which the deck and lower part of the bulkhead has a watertight lead lining ?
How many members of the Controlled Substance Inventory Board must be present to witness the destruction of an expired controlled drug?
What appropriation category pays for the day to day expenses of the navy and is also the master financial planning and control document fo most activities?
O&MN and O&MMC
What is the form number for "order for supplies or services/request for quotations?
What are the first two digits of the appropriations symbol which identifies the department of defense?
What is known as the smallest quantity of a supply item?
Stock unit
The letter "W" found in the notes section of the Federal Supply Catalog would identify an item that...?
must be kept frozen (W)
Land would be considered plant property class..
I (roman numeral 1)
Each requisition included in a message to DAAS is limited to what total number of CCs of Data?
Items of material that are not included in the FSC but are stocked in the navy supply system is known as ...?
NIS in the supply system is termed...?
Item carried in stock but not on board when demand occurs
What type of inventory should be conducted if a random sampling inventory of a specific store room fails to meet the inventory accuracy rate of 90% when directed by TYCOM as a result of a supply management inspection?
Bulkhead to Bulkhead
The Julian Date 3106 represents what date?
16 april 93
The fund is used to charge civilian labor, material purchases, travel of personnel, utilities and equipment and property rental?
Navy industrial fund
T/F Deteriorative shelf-life items do not require a periodic inventory, but they must be screened often to ensure their timely use and/or transfer before the shelf-life expiration date.
Who is responsible for administrering supply management policies, including cataloging, standardization, procurement, inventory control, storage, issue and disposal of naval material?
NAVSUPSYSCOM (Naval Supply systems Command)
The appropriation symbol "4/5" indicates what?
Multiple year appropriation
what handling code would be used for a drug or other item which requires security?