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What does PATE stand for,

What is it used for ?

Production Analysis Training & Evaluation.

Evaluates prospecting and sales performance, provides information necessary to conduct proper activity analysis & baseline for recruiters to develop an effective prospecting plan
What is the RCAP program?

What is the instruction number?
Recruiting Command Advancement Program


What is the DLAB?

What is a passing score?

Defense language apptitude battery

How many recruit contacts are required at RTC?

Where do you record them?
At least 3 recorded in R-Tools
Who would you contact if you wanted to do a mass mail out to all of your HS seniors?
Leads Department
How often do you contact parents?

Once a month until RTC Graduation.

What is a 5305?
Referral Recognition Form
What form is the Illicit Behavior Screening Form?
NAVCRUIT 1133/65
How many future sailor contacts are required each month?

What kind of contacts specifically?
5 total
3 phone
2 face to face (1 future sailor meeting / 1 mentoring contact)
What is the NAPT Test?

What is the score range required to retest?

What is a passing score?
Navy Advancement Programs Test - Used for potential nuke applicants

40-52 = Retest

55 = Passing
What is the 1133/51?
What is a DEP Re-cert?

When is it performed?
The objective of DEP Recertification is early
identification of issues that impact enlistment eligibility.
Using a questionaire full of eligibilty based questions.

Performed at the 72hr Indoc, Monthly Mentoring & DEP Meetings, 30 days prior to shipping, at DEP custody turnover, and 7 days prior to shipping.
What is used to determine what will be discussed at a DEP meeting ?

How often do you hold them ?
Hold a DEP Meeting at least once per month using the DEP Tool Kit to plan and coordinate the function.
Who is eligible for the CANREC Program?

What is it ? Where Can you find the info?
A temporary recall program for production recruiters to Execute the Navy Reserve Recruiting mission.

Eligible persons are Active Duty Navy, IRR Navy and Drilling Reserve Navy. In paygrades E4 or E5. must have valid drivers licence, and live within 50 mi of the assigned NRS. and have no NJP in the last 3 years. and no DWI or DUI incidences...

What is the DLPT?
Defense Language Placement Test
What is the NIDT?

When can you give it?

When is it mandatory?

Non-Instumental Drug Test

Whenever you want

The NIDT is to be administered in conjunction with the 30-day, and 24-hour, and re-class.
What are the appropriate steps to take when you are involved in a car accident?
1.Take necessary emergency action
2.Notify police, Chain of Command, & Logistics Support Department immediately
3.Do not sign or make a statement as to responsibility
4.Obtain the names, addresses, registration information of all persons involved and extent of injuries, if any. Secure the name and address of each witness. Request each to complete Standard Form 94, Statement of Witness.
5.Motor Vehicle Accident Reporting Kit, must be filled out & turned in to supply within 3 days
What is the DPEP Program?

Who is eligible?
Provides for the enlistment of applicants with civilian acquired training, education, or significant work experience into paygrades E3-E6

Applicants must have minimum ASVAB scores for rate, meet navy fitness standards, prior service applicants must be off contract for a minimum 2 years,
What are all the different colored stars and dots on the Territory Map used to identify?
Yellow Dot = New Contract (+H / B / A = Minority)
Red Dot = QNE
Blue Star = HS (With N = NJROTC)
Green Star = 2 Yr College
Red Star = NRS (+P=Part time Office)
Gold Star = 4Yr College
Silver Star = Votech School
What types of prospecting do you control?
What type of activity goes on your planner?

How long are planners retained?
All previously scheduled and known activities.

Retained for current plus 12mo.
What is the purpose of the DEP Leadership Program?
1.Maintain Future Sailors motivation.
2.Minimizing attrition.
3.Mentally and physically prepare RTC.
4.Ensure Future Sailors continue to meet enlistment criteria.
5.Encourage them to provide quality referrals.
What is included in the DEP Tool Kit?
A step by step procedures for 14 different DEP meetings.
What is a 72hr Indoc?
It is a meeting, that is held at the applicants home with his/her family present, 3-5 days after enlistment. It is used to eliminate buyers remorse and to establish a good foundation for relationship.
What is the primary & secondary market age groups for AC?
17-21 Primary
22-29 Secondary
What is the 1130.8J?
The Recruiting Manual
When would you need to give an applicant a confirmation ASVAB?
When he/she scores 20 or more points higher on a
Name the following forms:
368 = Conditional Release
369 = Police record Check
370 = Request For Reference
372 = Verification of birth
What is the NAVCRUIT 1133/53?
Enlisted Statement of Understanding
How long is a lead kept in an R-Tools working tickler?
4 Months
How is the ASAD used and applied to the smart board ? What information does it contain?
Indicates where the new contracts and accessions are being written, all the way down to the zip code and by which service. Can help with determining what zip codes to assign to recruiters ensuring fair market share & determines the propensity to enlist.
How do you document an appointment on your planner?
Appointments will be documented in writing with the prospect's last name, education level, and source code in the appropriate time block.
What is your chain of command?

How can a future sailor get advanced?
PQS, referrals, previous participation in programs (sea cadets, njrotc, military academys)
How long do you have to make/attempt contact?

When must a lead be dispo'd?
Recruiters will prospect a LEAD within 24 hours of receipt of that LEAD.

The disposition of the LEAD shall be annotated in WEBRTOOLS within 30 days of receipt.
**What paperwork is contained in a standard 11S kit?
Beers docs
Aberherant Behavior Screening
Statement of Understanding
What does STEAM stand for?

What is it?

What Does it do?
Standardized Territory Evaluation & Analysis Management

Primary source of data for identifying market potential

Assists the NRD in assigning recruiting assets and ensuring a fair share of the market
How long does a future sailor have to complete PQS?
6 months
What are the 5 main reasons for the RDB?
1. Sales Ability
2. Prospecting Ability
3. Progress toward Rec Qual
4. Adapting to recruiting Systems
5. Comprehension of recruiting systems
What is the PRISE-R Program?
Prior Service Reenlistment Eligibility Reserve Program

Used to allow NAVETS and OSVETS to affiliate with the reserves into CREO 1 & 2 Ratings.
What does CREO stand for?
Career Re-Enlistment Objectives
What does CIRIMS stand for?
Command Integrated Recruiting Information Management Support
What is the minimum ASVAB score required to take the Advanced Placement Test?
When can a Future Sailor re-take the ASVAB to change rates?
By when must a DAR be submitted for an attrite?

What does DAR stand for?
Dep Action Requests need to be submitted by the 15th of the previous month.
What provides enlisted production personnel with an effective plan and evaluation of recruiting activities necessarry to achieve goals?
Which rates require extra docs to ship?
HM, MA, Nuke, EA
When can you hold a 72hr Indoc outside of the Future Sailors Home?
With DLCPO approval.
What uniform is worn to a 72hr Indoc?
Dress Whites/Blues
Name at least 4 things that are covered during a 72hr indoc..
Making them feel like part of the Navy team(Using Military Titles),Enlistment Contract, Representing the Navy, Stay In School Policy, Notification of status change policy, Requirements & Objectives of Monthly Meetings, DEP PQS, DEP START Guide, Hold Harmless Agreement, Express your commitment to his/her success.
What is the ideal percentage of your DEP pool to have in attendance at monthly meetings?

What do you do if that number is not reached?

Hold the meeting and do a flex meeting for those not in attendance.
How long is a DEP folder maintained?
The DEP Training Folder is retained at the NAVCRUITSTA until the Sailor graduates from Recruit Training Command (RTC).
What is the most effective mode of prospecting?
What is the max age for AC / RC?
How long can a future sailor stay in the DEP program?
365 days unless 11S.

(11S applicants joining in May, June, or July may be placed in DEP for up to 15 months.)
Who is responsible for DEP leadership?
Everyone, but ultimately the LPO.
What are the five requirements for RCAP eligibility?
1. PQS Qualified
2. Time-In-Rate
3. E5/E6 Candidates must have passed the september exam.
4. Passes the PRT
5. Support personnel must be onboard for six months
6. CRF AC E5 through E6 and CANREC E5 personnel selected for conversion to CRF 2186 AC or Full Time Support (FTS) within the current fiscal year are eligible for nomination.
What are the 5 volumes of the recruiting manual?
I. Recruiting Operations
II. Eligibility Requirements
III. Forms And Documents
IV. Programs and Classification
V. Delayed Entry Program
What are the 4 sections of the PATE?
1. Prospecting Generated
2. Prospecting Summary
3. Prospecting Plan Guidance
4. Other Activity
How long is the PATE retained?
Current plus previous 24 mo.
How long are the planners retained?
Current plus previous 12 mo.
How long is the ASAD report retained?

Where can you get it?

How often is it updated?
Updated quarterly

Available on WEBSTEAM

Retained for current plus 24 months.
What is the goal re-cap sheet used for?

How long is it retained ?
Used for tracking station history, performance of goals, and attainment of wickets.

Retained for current plus 24 months
When are school folders updated?

How long are they retained?
Everytime you visit the school, or obtain new info. School folders should be updated every june.

They are retained for current plus 24 months
What is the purpose of the DEP?
Maintain Future Sailors motivation throughout their time in DEP. reduce attrition. prepare them for RTC.
What are the four sections of STEAM?
1. population
2. quality
3. history
4. totals
What are the different types of tests we give?
What are the 13 tabs in R-Tools?
1. 1-Screen
2. Blueprint
3. Additional
4. Remarks
5. Feedback
6. Medical
7. Employment
8. Prior Service
9. Education
10. Sales
11. Tests
What are the 8 market segments?
1. None
2. School
3. Workforce
4. College
5. In- Service
6. Inactive
7. Prior Service
8. Female
What are the two types of leads?
National / Local
Where can you find information on the NROTC College Scholarship Program?
CNRC Inst 1533.4B
What happens if an applicant refuses an NIDT?
Members who refuse to participate in the NIDT shall be discharged. Any member discharged for refusing to participate in the NIDT drug screening program must wait a minimum of one year prior to being reprocessed for enlistment.
What does the LPO use to load the working tickler?
Goaling Letter
How many leads are in the working tickler at any one time?
Why do we blueprint?
To reduce or eliminate call reluctance
How is a DEP re-cert given?
30 days, 7 days, and 24 hrs prior to shipping, at mentoring contacts, at dep custody turnover, at monthly dep meetings, or whenever the RINC or ZS feels there is a need. Take caution not to over use!
What feeds what in RPMS?
The PLANNER feeds the APP LOG which feeds the PATE which feeds the PLANNER.
When is an interview considered a carry over?
When an interview that has been conducted in the previous 12 months, is interviewed again.
What are the components of the SMART board?
Territory map
Goal recap sheet
Dep status board
School Folders
How often should you update school folders?
Everytime you visit or get new info.
What is a SOAR?
School Of Area Responsibility comprised of zip codes and high schools.
How many reserve programs are there currently?

What are they?

Who is eligible for the gold wreath award?
Personnel must have 90 days, or three production months onboard, to be eligible for the Gold Wreath.
How is a gold wreath earned?
Net any combination of four new contracts/Reserve gains within a consecutive, three month period or less, or three net upper mental group new contracts in a three month, non overlapping period.
What is the ASAD used for?
Used to determine the propensity to enlist.
What is domicile to duty?

Who can approve it?
COs may delegate the authority to approve the use of a GOV for transportation between domicile and place of duty to supervisory personnel (LPO or above)
When are you allowed time to study for your advancement exam?
6 weeks prior to the exam, you are to be given 1hr/wk.
What should you do when a parent or relative is in the Navy Recruiting Station and has questions you cannot readily answer?
Telephone the Public Affairs Office (PAO) at Recruit Training Command (RTC). If parents or relatives desire to contact RTC personally, they will be referred to the RTC PAO. Under the Privacy Act of 1974, the RTC PAO will provide only general, non-derogatory information over the telephone.
Where would you find guidance concerning Navy Recruiting Command motor vehicles?
Logistics Support Manual - COMNAVCRUITCOMINST 4400.1.
How long does an applicant record stay in the working tickler after he/she QNE's?

What happens after that?
When an applicant QNE’s, the record will remain in the recruiter’s working tickler for six-months.

The recruiter will contact the QNE at least once a month during this time frame.
How long will a national or local lead be maintained in the working tickler?
LEADS shall be maintained in the working tickler for four months, until contracted or when disposition renders the LEAD non-workable, whichever comes first.
What is the RAF?
RECRUITER ASSIGNMENT FACTOR (RAF) translates the market share for the NAVCRUITSTA into a recruiter share.
What are the 5 modes of prospecting?
Personally Developed Contacts
What is Prospecting?
Prospecting is any action taken to put a recruiter face-to-face with a prospect.
What is the High School Awards Program?
This program recognizes outstanding high school students for their achievements in academics, athletics and leadership, and educators for their exceptional support to Navy Recruiting.
What is HARP Duty?

Who is Eligible?
Hometown Area Recruiting Program.

Returns HS Grads enlisted personnel screened by the CO to their hometowns for a 12- calendar - day period to assist local recruiters.
What are the four types of Future Sailors?

How are they identified on the DEP status board?
(a) BLACK: Non-NSW/NSO Workforce Males
(b) BLUE: Non NSW/NSO Will-Grad (11S) Males
(c) RED: All Non NSW/NSO Females
(d) GREEN: All NSW/NSO Future Sailors
What is a DPR?

How often should DPR be held?
Daily Production Review

At least once per day
What are some of the things that should be covered during DPR?
Applicant Log
MEPS/Recruiter/Station Planners
Records of any new interviews
Remarks section/Next actions
Working Tickler
Recent Contracts to ensure FU is being performed
# of INT held to date
Prospecting results
Everything in the working tickler is less than 5 days old
What are the deadlines for all basic PQS for new recruiters?
Indoc - 30 Day
CDB - 45 days Basic Recruiter (applies to officers as well)
RDB 3-4 Months
Officer Recruiter or Advanced Recruiter - 6 mo.
LPO - 18 Months