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The four main sources of pollutants are
a. Agricultural runoff
b. Industrial
c. Municipal
d. Transportation operations
Pollution affects both the?
physical and biological world
The primary pollution concern of the Navy is the?
pollution produced by shipboard waste.
The agreement the Navy follows to operate
marine sanitation devices (MSDs) and to dispose
of treated sewage in foreign waters is the?
Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA).
What provides you with support and information about
foreign lands?
The Overseas Duty Support Program(ODSP)
Besides the ODSP, you can get information about other countries through the?
Overseas Transfer Information Service (OTIS).
What is used to reward individuals for their beneficial suggestions, inventions, and
scientific achievements?
The Military Cash Awards Program (MILCAP)
If Navy service members don’t meet the fitness
or body fat standards and need help to change
health habits, they take part in the?
Health and Physical Readiness Program.
List the responsibilities of pregnant servicewomen.
a. Plan pregnancy to meet family and military obligation
b. Confirm pregnancy with military medical facility
c. Notify CO or OIC of pregnancy
d. Perform military duties while pregnant
e. Comply withwork- and task-related safety and health recommendations
Service members must complete what forms for
family care?
a. Family Care Plan Certificate, NAVPERS
b. Family Care Plan Arrangements,
NAVPERS 1740/7
The Department of the Navy public affairs
informs the public and service members about
the following subjects:
a. The Navy as an instrument of national policy and security
b. Navy operations and programs
c. The responsibilities and activities of naval personnel as U. S. citizens
The Navy’s policy on drug abuse is?
zero tolerance.
The purpose of the Integrity and Efficiency Program
is to detect, deter, and eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse.
You can report fraud, waste, and abuse situations
by the following means:
a. Chain of command
b. Navy hotline
c. Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS)
d. Congressional communication
For the public to feel confident about the Navy’s
integrity, naval personnel should comply with the?
Standards of Conduct and Professional Ethics
The Navy uses what Program to ensure that all naval personnel are treated equally and are given equal opportunities?
Command Managed Equal
Opportunity (CMEO)
Guidance and policy for the CMEO Program is
provided by the?
Chief of Naval Operations.
Navy personnel can’t take part in civil rights demonstrations in the following situations:
a. While wearing their uniform or during duty hours.
b. When held on a military reservation or in a foreign country.
c. When law and order are violated or when they could reasonably be expected to result in violence.
You have submitted a special request chit and feel that the chain of command hasn’t resolved your discrimination complaint?
Your next course of action is to request captain’s mast.
A person’s behavior to be termed sexual
harassment if is?
a. Unwelcome
b. Sexual in nature
c. Occurs in or impacts on the work environment
To make the range of good to bad behavior easier to understand, the Navy has compared behavior ranges to the traffic light.
a. Red light—Sexual harassment behavior
b. Yellow light—Many people find behavior unacceptable
c. Green light—Acceptable behavior, not sexual harassment
The function of the ombudsman is to ?
promote good order and discipline.
The ombudsman is?
a. Acts as a liaison between Navy families and the command, and
b. Keeps the families informed about command policies.