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Modern number systems are built around which of the following components?
Unit, numner and radix
What term describes a single object in a modern number system?
What is a number?
A symbol representing a unit or quantity.
Which of the following symbols is NOT an Arabic figure?
What term describes the number of symbols used in a number system?
Using positional notation, what two factors determine the value of a number?
Symbol and Position
The power of a number is indicated by the _________.
What is the value of 5 times 100?
Which of the following numbers is a mixed number?
What term describes the symbol that separates the whole and fractional numbers in any number system?
Radix point
What term is defined as a number to be added to a preceding number?
In subtraction, the (a) is subtracted from the (b).
(a) Subtrahend
(b) Minuend
The result of subtraction is known as the ________.
Positional notation for the binary system is based on powers of ___.
Which digit is the MSD in the binary number 1011001?
The 1 farthest to the left
Subtraction is accomplished by which of the following methods in a computer that can only add?
Complementary Subtraction
What is the radix of the octal number system?
One octal digit is represented by how many binary digits?
Which of the following numbers does NOT represent a hexadecimal value?
Which of the following terms describes the first remaineder when converting decimal numbers to other bases?
What term describes the use of four binary digits to represent one decimal digit?
Binary-coded decimal
Which of the following statements describes logic polarity?
A logic 1 is a positive voltage; a logic 0 is a negative voltage
A chart that lists all possible input combinations and resultant output is called a ______ ________.
Truth Table
What is a logic gate?
A decision-making circuit
Which of the following logic gates requires all inputs to be TRUE at the same time to produce a TRUE output?
What is the purpose of an inverter?
To complement the input
Which of the following gates produces a HIGH output when any or all of the inputs are LOW?
The output of a NOR gate will be HIGH under which of the following conditions?
When all the inputs are LOW
Boolean algebra is used primarily by which of the followng groups?
Design engineers
Which of the following Boolean laws states, "a term that is TRUE in one part of an expression will be TRUE in all parts of the expression."
Identity Law
The examples AB=BA and A+B=B+A represent which of the following Boolean laws?
What type of logic gate is modified to produce an exclusive OR gate?
Which of teh following circuits will add two binary digits but not produce a carry?
Quarter adder
Which of the following gates performs teh same function as a quarter adder?
Exclusive OR
Which of the following statements describes the difference between a half adder and a full adder?
A full adder produces a carry
Flip-flops are what type of multivibrators?
Flip-flops may NOT be used for which of the following operations?
Which of the following statements describes a toggle flip-flop?
A bistable device with a single input
What are the inputs to a D flip-flop?
Data and Clock
What is the purpose of a D flip-flop?
To store data until it is needed
An inverter on the clock input has which of the following effects on the D flipflop?
The output will change on the negative-going transition of the clock pulse.
Which of the following statements is correct concerning D flip-flops?
The output is delayed up to one clock pulse
The circuit which generates a timing signal to control operations is called a/an ________.
Which of the following statements is true regarding astable multivibrators used as clocks?
The frequency stability may be increased by applying a higher frequency trigger.
Which of the following types of circuits will produce a stable clock when triggered by an outside source?
One-shot multivibrator
Which of the following types of clocks would probably be used in a complex piece of equipment with a variety of timing requirements?
What term identifies a series of FFs designed to temporarily store information?
Which of the following statements describes parallel transfer?
All data bits are xferred simultaneously
Logic families are identified by which of the following means?
The types of elements used
A TTL Logic circuit would use which of the following types of elements?