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What are the 5 ways to observe about the world around you

Our 5 senses(touch,taste,see,hear,and smell)

What is a Hypothesis?

A hypothesis is a educated guess on observation.

What is a variable?

Variables are factors that can change in a experiment.

What is a independent variable?

A independent variable is a variable changed in a experiment.

What is a dependent variable?

A dependent variable is a variable that changes the result of the experiment.

What does infer mean?

A conclusion based on a observation.

What does it mean to control variable?

A variable that stays the same.

What is the independent variable in the following hypothesis If i chew gum,then i will walk slower

The independent variable is If i chew gum

What is the dependent variable in the following hypothesis i like to eat pizza,because it is so tasty

The dependent variable is because its 5% tasty