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What are the 5 ways we observe the world around us?

5 senses: taste, touch, sight, hear, smell.

What is a hypothesis?

An educated guess.

What is a variable?

A variable is the part of the experiment that changes.

What is an independent variable?

Is the cause, or the 'If' in an, if then, statement.

What is a dependent variable?

The effect of the independent, or the 'then' in the if then statement.

What does infer mean?

It is an inference.

What does it mean to control the variables?

It is the variable that stays the same.

What is the independent variable and the dependent variable in this sentence. "If I chew gum, then I won't be able to walk as well.

Independent: chewing gum

Dependent: I won't be able to walk as well.

What is the independent and dependent variable in this hypothesis. "I like to eat pizza, because it is so tasty."

Independent: I like pizza

Dependent: It is so tasty.

Why is it good to replicate an experiment?

You more likely will get different results each time.

Why is it good to have a bunch of people do the same experiment?

They more likely will get different results.

What kind of table is good to use to put your data in.

A bar graph.

What are the following tools used for, Graduate Cylinder, Beaker, Thermometer, and Meter Stick.

Precise liquid measurements, non-precise liquid measurements, measuring temperature, and measuring length.

What graph is good to look at percentages?

A pie graph.

What graph is good to look at data changing over time?

A line graph.

What graph is good to look at 2 or more pieces of data.

A bar graph.