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What are the 5 ways we observe things?

Our 5 senses. (See, touch, taste, hear and smell)

What is a hypothesis? Give an example.

A hypothesis is an educated guess.

I think that the bean plant will grow the best using Miracle-Gro fertilizer.

What does variable mean? Give an example.

Variable means "able to be changed".

The type of microwave you use to heat your burrito.

What is an independent variable? Give an example.

An independent variable is what you change in an experiment.

The car you use in a crash test experiment.

What is a dependent variable? Give an example.

The dependent variable is the result of the independent variable changing.

The time it takes for the burrito to defrost.

What does infer mean? Give an example.

To form an opinion from evidence. (Educated guess).

I infer that the Jimmy Dean breakfast burrito will defrost the fastest.

What graph is good to look at percentages or pieces?

A pie chart.

What graph is good for changing data over time?

A line graph.

What graph is good for comparing things?

A bar graph.

What is a control variable? Give an example.

A control variable is the variable that doesn't change.

The type of microwave used to defrost the burrito.