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Pollution by dangerous element

The main problem was the risk of contamination from surface microbes.

The fuel contamination could be germain to normal equipment in storage.

There's just too much chance of contamination ."

The biosphere

Relationship between living things and planet

Nobody doubts that people put a heavy burden on the biosphere.

The Biosphere is no longer closed off from the outside atmosphere.

The Biosphere is open for tours every day except for Christmas.


Gas entering atmosphere

They also predict that permits will prod companies to cut emissions.

The cleaner cars will use new technologies to decrease harmful emissions.

It's gonna be that these emissions were put out.

Pollutant particles

Microscopic element of pollution


Water that runs out from ground

Nearly all civil engineering structures, roofs, roads, and any concrete work have a run-off coefficient of about 95 per cent .

The water cycle

Natural process cloud-rain-sea

Additionally, they prevent soil erosion and are influential in the water cycle.

Elsewhere, it refers to a more holistic view of the water cycle.


Underground,natural water stores


Process of removing impurities

In Ramapuram, even safe drinking water was something which was unheard of until Akkineni contributed to the construction of a water filteration plant.

Water table

Layer of water below ground

The buildings are also threatened by pollution and a rising water table.

They include Strawberry and Pine, where the water table is relatively shallow.

An entire local racing season was dedicated to replenishing the water table.


Polluted on contaminated

Tracking down the source of tainted food has also been difficult.

For that reason, the appointment of Starr is fatally tainted.

They tainted the minds of 50 million people with those statements,

Soil erosion

Loss of soil by wind or rain activity

The Department of Agriculture predicted long-term damage to farmland from soil erosion.

This village has been victim of soil erosion of the river Koshi.

This increases the water retention capacity of the soil preventing soil erosion.


Cutting down trees and industrial use

She has been logging requests for the popular costumes since August.

Whatever his motivation, Mealey did step away from traditional logging.

Either proposal would mean almost no federal logging, Saperstein said

Deliberate dumping of waste products

Leaving waste without storing or treating it

Controlling landfills

Controlling area where waste is buried

Waste producing centres

Recycling waste into manageable form


Illegal hunting

They should be involved in guarding the wildlife and preventing poaching.

Poaching and habitat changes have wasted their numbers by 85 percent.

Last year, 630 poaching cases were prosecuted, he said.

Habitat loss

Destruction of animal natural home

Major threats include habitat loss due to logging and human settlement.

Collisions with boats and habitat loss are still its biggest threats.

Habitat loss is the cause of the declines of these species

Food chain

Animal eating other animal or plants

Homo sapiens is no longer at the top of the food chain.

They were looking for what he nicely calls the Dark Food Chain.

There are creatures much higher on the food chain than the lion.

Dwindling numbers

Steadily declining quantity

People who lived nearby said attendance seemed to have been dwindling.


Final date of all animals in a species

For example, the noble California grizzly bear already is extinct.

The sort of women who are in my book are extinct.

Talk about other species that have become extinct or are endangered.


Situation where lack of food in particular area

I had been covering the famine in Somalia since July 1992.

Our goal has been to avoid this feast or famine stuff.

"It's either feast or famine ."


Similar to famine but lack of water

Houses should be clean and well ventilated but draught-free.

Most modern boilers depend on mechanical draught rather than natural draught.

Most modern boilers depend on mechanical draught rather than natural draught.


Supply water to land for agriculture

After 1983, public investment for irrigation declined and became deficient.

They struck a pile of what appears to be irrigation pipes,

Zuber is also methodically turning on water for use in irrigation.



Of course, his absence would be catastrophic for the Italians.

Barring a catastrophic injury, Stockton will easily surpass them both.

Hospital industry officials said a different ruling would have been catastrophic.


Make existing problem worsen accidentally or deliberately

Shechtman sees the free marketplace solving problems that caretaking has exacerbated.

They don't want to exacerbate that problem,"

Losses were exacerbated by the lack of investors, traders said.


About to extinct

The jaguars and leopard are on the federal endangered species list.

The product was confiscated because it allegedly contained endangered animal products.

Metcalf and Smith are members of the endangered species task force.