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Sum up the theory of natural selection

- variation within species

- competition for limited resources between offspring

- survival of the fittest

- those that survive pass on their genes

How do (overtime) the changes produced by natural selection result in new species?

- only happens when they can't mate for a long time

- maybe by living in different areas (geographical isolation) or behavioural isolation

- may evolve differently to become to different species

Why is natural selection difficult to study?

It takes thousands of years to see an effect

2 examples of natural selection:

- more bacteria are developing resistance to antibodies

- more dark peppered moths are surviving in polluted areas as they are camouflaged

Why did people disagree with Darwins theory at first?

Not enough evidence

Destroys all theories know of god

What was lamaracks theory?

Why has it been stated in

The use of acquired characteristics such as giraffes have long necks to eat