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The field of ___________ is concerned with the composition and movement of heavenly bodies
Define Astrophysics
is the science which attempts to explain the physical principles, laws, and mechanics behind astronomical observations and theory
Big Band Theory
The theory theat the universe began with an explosion
Hubble law
makes it possible for us to estimate the speed at which the universe is expanding, and it also allows us to estimate the apporximate age of the universe.
It has been observed the the more _________ parts of the universe are moving faster than the __________ parts.
Define and describe the optical telescope
form images of celestial objects by gathering the light produced or reflected by them.
Name the 2 types of optical telescopes.
Refracting and Reflecting
Radio telescopes do..........
detect and analyze radio waves rather than visible light
Spectographes analyze
the light generated by stars in an effort to determine the chemical composition of these bodies.
Infared astronomy which detects
and measures the long infared waves from astronomical targets and thereby determines the temperature of these objects.
Radar astronomy is
the only non-passive tool of astronomy. radio waves are transmitted to a distant object that then reflects these waves back to earth. Used to calculate the object's distance from earth
A ________ is a celestial body that emits light that has been generated within it by very high temperature nuclear reactions.
White dwarf stars are near
White dwarfs become ________ _________ that no longer shine.
black dwarfs.
What is interstellar medium?
Vast clouds of gas and dust, located between the stars
What are the most massive objects in the milky way galaxy?
Giant molecular clouds
What is a glaxay?
is a very large group of stars, it also contains gas, planets and interplanetary dust.
Name the types of galaxies.
What type is ours?
Name the parts of a Spiral galaxy.
Never Nucleus
Cut Curved Arms
Dry Disk
Hair Halo
Define Quasars
Are quasi-stellar objects that emit radio waves during a time period of their life.
What is a black hole
are celestial objects that are thought to be embedded in otherwise normal galaxies.
Black holes form from
the death of giant stars.
At the center of a black hole, ________ stops, and _________ has no volume because it is so __________
The gravitational attraction near the singularity of a black hole is so great
that light itself cannot escape.
Describe Dark Matter
it is inferred from the gravitational effects it has on visible objects in the universe. 99% of the universe may be dark matter.
Dark matter is found in halos that surround the parts of spiral galaxies.
Describe the Great Attractor
At the center of the universe it is why the distant parts or moving faster than the inner parts. Has been calculated to possess a mass 3 x10(16) times that of our sun. Is assumed to be composed of dark matter.
The distance between the sun and planets are expressed in terms of __________ _________
Astronomical Units (AU)
Our solar system is believed to have formed about 4.6 billion years ago from a rotating hot cloud of gas and dust called a _________ ________
solar nebula