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A state of lost physical fitness, which may include muscle imbalances, decreased flexibility and/or lack of core and joint stability
The cumulative neutral input to the central nervous system from mechanoreceptors that sense position and limb movement
An unstable (but controlled) environment where exercises are performed that causes the body to use its internal balance and stabilization mechanisms
Proprioceptively Enriched Environment
Smaller divisions of training progressions that fall within the 3 building blocks
Phase of Training
Ability of the body's stabilizing muscle to provide support for joints as well as miantain posture and balance during movement
The ability of the body's nerves to effectively send messages to the body's muscle
Neuromuscular efficiency
The muscle that acts as the main source ofmotive movement
Prime Mover
How quickly a muscle can generate force
Rate of force production
Set of 2 exercises that are performedback to back without any rest in between them
Briefly describe past, present, and future trends and how this evolution directly affects health and fitness professionals today
The typical client of the past was probably better prepared for activity. The client of the present is surrounded by technology and automation, which leads to dysfunction and increased injury. The new mindset is to create a program that tailors to each individual
The Goal of Strength Endurance (Phase 2)
enhance stabilization strength and endurance while increasing prime mover strength
(Phase 3) Hypertrophy
Designed for individuals who have the goal of maximal muscle hypertrophy
Phase 4 Maximal Strength
Work towards the goal of increasing maximal prime mover strength
Phase 5 Power
Enhance prime mover strength while also improving the rate of force production