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What is speed? Page 290
Page 290: the ability to move the body in one intended direction as fast as possible
What is Stride Rate? Page 290
Page 290: the number of strides taken in a given amount of time or distance
What is stride length? Page 290
Page 290: the distance covered with each stride
What is agility? Page 290
Page 290: the ability to accelerate, decelerate, stabilize, and change direction quickly while maintaining proper posture
What is quickness? Page 291
Page 291: the ability to react and change body position with maximal rate of force production in all planes of motion and from all body positions during functional activities
What should be considered when designing speed agility and quickness program for weight loss? Page 293
Page 293: to keep the heart rate appropriately elevated to increase fat oxidization and caloric expenditure completed by creating a small circuit of SAQ exercises
What is a benefit of high intensity interval training? Page 294
Page 294: to burn more subcutaneous fat than long duration, low to moderate intensity endurance training
What could happen to skeletal mass in older adults? Page 295
Page 295: sarcopenia or a loss of skeletal mass leading to potential detriment to maintain functional capacity
List six types of speed ladder drills. Page 297
Page 297: one-ins, two-ins, side shuffle, in-in-out-out, in-in-out (zig zag), ali shuffle