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What is the minimum amount of SE inflator assemblies the SE shop must maintain


What must the relief valve be set at for kit 1

100 PSI

What must the relief valve be set at for kit 2

150 PSI

What pressure must you not exceed for SE low pressure

80 PSI

What is the range of pressure for SE medium pressure

80 to 130 PSI

What is the relief valve setting for SE high pressure

20 PSI above the required pressure

At what angle do the cords cross the tires on bias ply tires

30 to 40 degrees

At what angle do the cords cross the tires on bias belted tires

25 degrees

What angle do the three plies of the body cords run at on radial

Right angles

How far should deflated tire flag pin stick out past the open end of the valve stem

One quarter of an inch

What is the minimum length required for a deflated tire flag pin

Three quarter of an inch

What cleaning solution is used for cleaning wheels and rims

1 part of MIL-C-43616 to 9 parts water

What cleaning solution is used for cleaning heavily soiled wheel and rims

1 part MIL-C-43616 to 4 parts water

A reduction of rim wall thickness of what percent would be a cause of wheel rejection

10 percent

A crack exceeding how many inches or cracks would be a cause for wheel rejection

1 inch or 2 cracks exceeding half of an inch each

What is the most common type of corrosion on SE wheel rims

Direct surface, pitting, and concentration

How should you loosen tie bolts to preclude wheel rim damage

Criss-cross pattern

What type of bolts should be used to put together split rim assemblies

Grade 5 or stronger fine thread

What increment is used when you torque tie bolts

25 percent increments

What is the pop off pressure for medium pressure tire kits

150 PSI

What is the pop off pressure for low pressure tire kits

100 PSI

How long should a tire remain in an inflation cage

10 minutes

What pressure should the tires be deflated to after successful completion

50 percent of the service pressure or 15 PSI whichever is less. 100 PSI for aircraft tires

Wheel bearings removed to facilitate other maintenance should only be deflated to what pressure

Storage pressure

What pressure is used to allow the tube to center itself in the tire

15 PSI

You should install single wheels the demountable flange facing what direction


On dual wheel assemblies, you should mount the inner wheel facing what direction

Demountable flange facing outboard and the outer wheel flange facing inboard

What type of tool is used to remove bearing

Rubber mallet and brass drift

What is the maximum number is pits a bearing can have to still be considered safe for use

8 pits within 3/8 in diameter

You should inflate rims to what PSI to prevent wrinkles and pinches


Why should tires be stored in a vertical position

To prevent damage to the valve or extension

What is used to fill high pressure SE aircraft tires


How long is the service hose on the inflator assembly

10 feet

What is the pressure range of the blue gage element

10 to 150 PSI

What is the pressure range of the yellow gage element

50 to 600 PSI

What king of lubricant is used to lubricate tire beads and flanges

Tire lubricant AA20 or equivalent