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What are the specific Penicillins pt teachings?
* Do not take with acidic food like grapefruit juice.

* Pt using oral hormonal base contraceptive (e.g. pill) has to switch to a nonhormonal method.
What are the pt teachings that are common to all ATBs?
1. Tak full Rx
2. Don't share Rx
3. Take meds around the clock.

4. Report signs of superinfection like black furry tongue, vaginal itching, vaginal discharge, loose stools, foul-smelling stools.

5. Tell doc if fever developes.

6. Tell doc if diarrhea develops

7. Tell doc if stools contains pus, blood, or mucus.

8. Do not treat diarhea without first consult doc.
What is the specific pt teaching for macrolides?
* Better absorb in empty stomach, so take 1 hr before or 2 hrs after meal.

* If GI upset, then ok to take with food.

* Do not break enteric coating or capsule because it will be inactivated by gastric acids
What are the specific quinolones [ciprofloxin (cipro)] pt teachings?
* Stay hydrated.
* Photosensitivity

* Let doc know if taking the following drugs:

- Do not combine c with any Ca or Mg (e.g. antacids)

- iron
- multi-vit (mvi)
- oral anticoagulants
- asthma drugs
What are the specific Tetracyclines pt teachings?
* Take it on an EMPTY stomach (b/c better absortion)

* Take 1 hr before meal or 2 hrs afterwards

* Dairy products and antacids (Maalox) will delay absorption)

* Switch to nonhormonal BC